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Fibromyalgia help

What is the best pain reducer for Fibro?
I have taken Flexeril off and on for a few years now (off/on to give my body a break from drugs) and it is not nearly as effective anymore. What else is there that works?
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Might I add please be sure that all of you vitamin levels are in check. A lot of my fibro pain went away with b12, c, d, a, and a really good multi vitamin called alive. Our bodies become deficient with auto .immuned diseases. Even if your levels are normal, beef up on them but don't overdose and take them daily. :)! Have a good day.
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Lyrica is the one medication that I know of that is made to help with the pain of Fibromyalgia.

I am on Lyrica myself for Fibro and it has helped me but I must say that although it doesn't completely take the pain away, it does take away a lot of the pain.  It allows me to function like a "normal" person although I really do have to watch what and how much I do.  I cannot do things that I used to do, unfortunately but at least I can function.  :)  For this, I am thankful.  :)
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