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Hand Sores, Autoimmune, Morgellons, Herpes Whitlow??

I do not have a diagnosis, but I have had sores on the back of my hands and fingers for nearly 10 years.  They come from deep under the skin, itch intensely for a day or two, the outer layer of skin comes off and leaves a bad looking sore that is circular and depressed.  They usually do not heal for 6 to 8 weeks.  Most of the time I have 8 - 10 at a time.  They are never on my palms, a few have been on the wrists area and a couple above the elbow.  They do not hurt and look a lot worse than they feel.  They are mostly calm, however there are times on most days that they become inflamed and "angry" at which time I pick and scratch compulsively.  They do not get infected,but they bleed easily.  When one is nearly healed with scar tissue, usually a little one will push up from underneath along the outter edge to start a new one.  I went to the derm in 2005, he cut tissue off a few places, I tried to explain that he was cutting places that were 6 weeks old.  He told me the results showed that I had picked at it, thanks.  He surmised that they were from stress or the sun.  They continued.  I have very high anxiety with doctors and avoid as much as possible.  My other symptoms that might or might not be related: hand pain, stiffness, coldness, and numbness, restless hands.  I have cattaracs in both eyes at 46, dry eyes and skin.  I have drastic high and low energy levels.  I have sores on my tongue and bite my lips and inside of my mouth.  I have irregular heart beat and racing heart episodes. I have some clubbing of fingers and some deformity of fingernails  The only meds that I take are Adderral and Ambien for the last 2 years (well after the symptoms)  My mother has RA, father has diabetes.  I plan to see a rhuematologist soon, I would like any advice on possible tests that I should request.
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Well after 12 years i finally have the missing piece of the puzzle.  I am a former Marine stationed at Cam Lejeune North Carolina fm 1986-1988.  I just received notification that i was exposed to at least five different toxins in the water.  Obama passed a law in 2012 requiring medical coverage of the effects .  I have Porphyria Cutanea Tarda.  It is exactly what happened with agent orang fm Vietnam.
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Thank you so much for the advice.  I am very interested in the Magnesium deficiency.  It would be shocking if that was the solution, but I am hopeful.  When I researched magnesium deficiency, I was amazed. My latest trip to the pr. doc. I made a list of 10 symptoms and my list almost exactly matched the mag deficiency list.  In my original post, I didn't even mention my extreme eating habits.  I have always anticipated a vitamin deficiency, but the only one indicated was vit. D.  I have not been to a doctor, but have started taking 500mg mag supplement and I am reading "The Miracle of Magnesium".  I cannot believe that no doctor has ever mentioned the possibility of Mag deficiency.  The word "hyperexciteability" is used and that better describes me than ADHD.  I have always cried easily at inappropriate times, crave adrenaline.  If I am suffering from Mag deficiency, I believe it has been going on for most of my life.  I wil post a follow-up on how things improve with supplements.  I would love to hear from anyone else who has corrected a magnesium deficiency.
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Hi siesaw.

Welcome to the forum.

Look into Chronic Tissue Hypoxia, Magnesium deficiency (tissue analysis-not blood analysis as 99% of magnesium is outside the blood circulation)
and Hyaluronic Acid deficiency.

Should you find that any of these resonate well with you and are consistent with many or your symptoms, you may want to pursue this further with your PCP, to verify by testing.
In the event that Hypoxia is present, finding the cause is imperative for proper treatment.

Also suspect is glycation or its progression (AGEs) if you want to look it up
Eliminating sugar -including artificial - simple carbs and a low carb diet,
will help a lot. Hard to implement perhaps, however, the benefits are great!

The 2 deficiencies - could be linked, as Mg is needed for HA synthesis-
are rather simple to correct.
These deficiencies are strongly associated with:
1.(Mg) heart arrhythmias, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, hyperexcitability, restless leg syndrome, peripheral nervous system issues, carbohydrate cravings, carbohydrate intolerance & more!

2. (HA) restricted nutrient delivery leading to poor tissue health-slow healing, dry skin, wrinkling skin, impaired  waste removal out of the tissues and joints, dry eyes, poor vision, increased inflammation leading to premature ageing & more.

Please check the above possibilities and should you need more details on anything, please let me know. Post again here, or pm me directly.
Wish you well.
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