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Hashimotos thyroidtitis

Has anyone here had their thyroid tsh levels go from under meaning hyperthyroid to 123.007 was my last result and t4 was off too, meaning very hypothyroid in a short period of time?  My hole central and autonomic system is way out of balance.. Life is very stressful to me, and I'm always talking about dying..  Oddly, my mom had commited suicide at the very age I am now, 47.
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My TSH didn't get as high as 123, but it did get to 55+, so I know how you feel.  

What was your actual T4 result, with reference range and was it Free T4 or Total T4?  There's a difference and the results don't mean the same thing.   Did you have a Free T3 test?  If so, what was the result with reference range?  

Hypothyroidism is a very common cause of depression and/or anxiety.  

Has your doctor prescribed replacement thyroid hormone medication for you?  If so, what medication, what dose and how long have you been on it.

What, if any, other symptoms are you having?

Have you been tested for Vitamins B-12 and D or ferritin?  

Hang in there - we can help provide information to help you feel better.  
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