8 years ago i was suffering from symptoms muscle and joint pain , muscle twitching and muscle weakness, went to the doctor i was told i have a Positive ANA , been to different specialists, rheumatologist, tested for every autoimmune which came up negative, i seen my ob/gyn i got labs done it showed thyroid levels in bold LOW, i was sent to the endocrinologist got test run thyroid levels came back normal , now recently i been having the same & new symptoms but worse i been having extreme weakness in my arms wrist and hands along with pain then numbness, tingling feeling as well and also numbness in different parts of my bottom especially my face , dizziness as well , I’ve have tightness feeling in front of my neck shortness Of breath , just feeling very fatigued as well , periods have become very heavy as well , joint pain , also having tremors , off & on hoarseness, and i feel a bulge in front of my neck , and soreness in front of my neck , i recently  got another lab done through my doctor it says i have low vitamin D & B levels too

TSH :  0.35
  T4  : 1.30
   T3  : 3.2
Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody : <10

I really need some kind of lead way on what’s going on i been suffering for years with symptoms and going to different doctors with NO ANSWER  and I’m frustrated , help me out !
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I meant i been having numbness on “different parts of my body “
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