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High heart rate and multiple sclerosis

My name is Beth and I was recently diagnosed with suspected MS with a 3-d brain MRI that shoed the lesions.  I have all the Classic symptoms and some I'm not sure are symptoms.
I am mostly concerend about tachycardia (high heart rate) that seems to be becoming more and more refractory to the medications/beta blockers. Whe I wasn't on any...my HR was at least 120 all the time.  My caridac test have come back OK...stress test, echos etc, monitors etc...except for the tachycarid and heart palpitations I feel.
Could this be caused by the MS?  I have also been experiencing the MS Hug...breathing difficulties and chest discomfort.
Thanks os much for your help,
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Hi Niko,
Thanks for returning an answer....I am seeing a cardiologist this week.
I wore an episode monitor for about 6 weeks with nothing but the tachycardia indicated on it.  I had electrolytes tested including Mg and Ca, but they were all serum....not cellular.
Underlying infections is giong to be explored too...My CBC had a normal total count, but seg neutrophils were elevated some.   Getting in to see a neurologist soon too.  I have not tried going off th betablocker at all...whenever it is skipped (like for the two stress test/echos) I had done...the rate immediately shoots up to over 130 min.  
The investigation continues....
I will look pu the MS criteria.....I have many of the symptoms off and on for over 10 years.  Has been dx as fibromyalgia since 1996..
Thanks Beth
Thanks, Beth
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Hi Beth.
And welcome to the forum.

Have you been diagnosed with  multifocal atrial tachycardia ?
And if yes, has your cardiologist considered  Radiofrequency Ablation?

Have you had your cellular-not serum- magnesium levels checked?
Have you been tested for Hypocalemia?

Your suspected MS is NOT a dx!  Just like in legal matters, a suspicion does not constitute guilt, the same goes in medicine, a suspicion does not constitute confirmation of a diagnosis.
What extra criteria have to be met for a definite MS dx?

And finally, have any of your doctors ever suspected underlying infections?
A low blood volume  of at least 20% below normal levels would indicate this.
Also a 24 hour Holter ECG with specific irregular T-wave patterns
will indicate this as well. The clinician though, has to know what to look for
as it is normally missed.

You should also discuss with your cardiologist the possibility of weaning you off the beta-blocker once its efficacy becomes questionable.
Side effects without any reasonable expectation of some benefit are unwarranted!
Please post again with your answers ,comments and questions.

Wishing you well.
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