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Lhermittes sign for over 2 months

I have been dealing with Lhermittes sign for over 2 months now. One day it started with burning and tingling in my feet and legs. Then i noticed the sides of my abdomen were numb then it went to the ring and pinky finger on left hand being numb and tingly. This all started about a week after i quit alcohol. I did some research and started taking b12 tablets and about a month later most of these issues went away. Not sure how long after that the lhermittes started but its been going strong ever since. Its worse when i first wake up and when i walk.

I have a desk job so im on a computer for 7 hours a day. My posture is poor i know and i also know that being a long time alcoholic depletes the body of b12 and i heard that could be the cause of lhermittes but  my doc believes its a pinched nerve and im not convinced. She gave me some exercises to do but i havent been consistent with them. Can lhermittes be caused by a pinched nerve and will it heal on its own? For those that may not be familiar lhermittes is when you bend your neck down towards your chest and get like an electric feeling down your spine but mine feels more like a phone vibrating and its in my lower back into my legs and my left hand only. I am going to push for an MRI as im worried about MS
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Hi, we're you able to get an mri to rule out MS?
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