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Lymph node issues

Hello Dr.,
I am a 27yo M, 5'9", 175lbs. A few months before my 21st bday I was pulling all-nighters or near ANs until the following occurred:

- Very painful swollen lymph nodes (left and right side of neck, l. side of back of neck, armpits, and groin)
- Extreme neck stiffness 2 wks
- Constant eye watering
- Painful headache
- Dizziness w/o vomiting
- Tinitus for hours
- Trouble thinking clearly and recalling LT memory
- Floaters
- Painless muscle spasms in legs, arms
- Painful stinging and tingling sensations in feet and hands.
- Coldsweats
- Feeling of decreased circulation in the areas nearby the nodes (groin, armpits)

All of this went on in the intensity described above for a period of about 10 mo. until symptoms started to decrease in severity (less pain in nodes, less spasms, etc.) I saw many doctors in the time period including ID who tested me for HIV, EBV, Lyme,ect. I had been exposed to EBV at some point but it was inconclusive about whether that was the issue at the time. I saw an ENT doctor who did a CT and US on my neck (indicating "non-specific lymphedemia") which eventually led to a lymph node biopsy of nodes on my coratid artery ruling out cancer. I was Rx'd Naproxin. No clear diagnosis.

In the 6 yrs that have passed since then.. anytime I get under 6 hrs of sleep the lymph nodes in the back of my head and my pelvic/groin become inflamed and painful again. The residual symptoms are not as intense but nonetheless, present. Exposure to heat produces the same. If I use a tanning bed, or I am out in the sun on a hot day for more then a couple hours this produces the same effect on these nodes for 2-3days.

My ?: At times the possibility of SLE arose but my basic immune numbers (after the 10 mo.) were only slightly elevated and not enough to indicate SLE at that time. Are these tests time-specific or should one immune test indicate the presence of AIDs? Also, should I be concerned of MS? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Whenever we see such nonspecific S/S and no clear Dx, we always look for chronic infections.  Why?  When you look at the large variety of nonspecific S/S caused by chronic infections (see the Signs Symptom List on our website, www.immed.org), it is important to at least rule these out, especially when there is the possibility of (atypical) Lupus or (atypical) MS.  In these situations we almost always find some type of infection that underlies the condition and yields many of the S/S but rarely a complete Dx.  This could even explain the increasing finding of atypical Dx.  Even in SLE or MS that clearly fall under the proper and complete Dx for these diseases, we find that about one-half of these patients have Mycoplasma infections, and many have other infections as well.
Prof. Nicolson
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One additional symptom I forgot:

- Every morning when I first wake up I can hear fluid moving in the back of my neck.
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