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Need relief - not sure what is going on - std or autoimmune

Initially thought I had a yeast infection — redness, swelling, itching. At home treatment didn’t help (internally) but did soothe my skin
Symptoms got worse and moved to my GI tract. Alternating constipation/diarrhea —-and EXCESSIVE and forceful flatulence.     My vaginal itchiness comes in “attacks” — every 4? Days where it’s unbearable and nearly drops me.  
Started developing cuts down there — appears to be from wiping or skin stretching and not in the same spot
It has since moved to my rectum. Some days I think it’s a hemmorhoid or fissure —-other days I know it isn’t - and a direct result of whatever “condition” i have.
Also UTI symptoms - doesn’t burn to pee.   Urethra burns prior

Swollen lymph, muscle pain and fatigue and full body muscle spasms. Some rashes on my ankle and elbows

Started getting migraines (regularly) along with itchy watery eyes

Full std panels / 3 urine tests / 3 swabs — all negative
Allergy testing - negative
Switched to hypoallergenic detergent and went dairy / gluten free = no change

This time my second set of blood work (middle of an attack) showed my WBC and Neutrophil count doubled in the prior month.

My next attack came and hit me in the nose (same itch and burn).   At this point my doctor thinks it’s now autoimmune — I still am convinced it’s an infection that is hitting me systemically

I was referred to a bariatric specialist (I’m not sure why as I’m FAR from obese) who ran more blood work.     This time my WBC count and Neutrophil count returned to normal.   My CRP was 0.5 (didn’t flag for abnormal) but my ANA came back at 1:160 (abnormal). My vitamin D was low at 61 (healthy range is 75-150)

I’m waiting for an interpretation on these scores but my doctor is now away —- I’m desperate for relief / or a step in the right direction

I started taking vitamin D supplements

I am in AGONY and need relief and answers !!!!!!

Does this sound autoimmune or infection related ?!?    My mind still thinks systemic fungal infection based on the timeline since my last contact and relief with cream despite my negative testing ?!?  I was worried it was possibly HSV — blood work is negative and no sexual contact for months prior. (At onset of symptoms - only had unprotected oral sex / virgin)

Thank you so much for reading and any insight you can provide !!!!
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Try gluten free for a week!
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"three yeast tests"
What type of tests (a culture?) and where was the swab from? There are microorganisms everywhere in the world, including candida in stool. A yeast infection is more about an overgrowth, not a presence of absence of.

There are different subspecies of candida.

I'd also mentioned that some bacteria behave like yeast. The GI gas doesn't come from nowhere. I think that's a central feature.

The flareups could be from what you eat. I'd keep a food diary.

Consider this: microorganisms communicate with each other. A flareup in the intestines can release growth factors that travel through the bloodstream and tell others of the same species to get active. That could explain the nose.

Neutrophils increase from bacteria or yeast. Or even from the coating (LPS) of dead bacteria. Leaky gut from GI microorganisms can let many things through into the bloodstream, not just organisms but also biochemicals and proteins that can cause systemic inflammation and the resulting tiredness/malaise.

What was the cream that helped? Topical antihistamines or steroids?

Elevated ANA by itself is not necessarily proof of anything. In fact, some rheumys discourage internists from giving ANA tests without very good reasons, else a low positive just provokes needless worry.


On the other hand, there is such a thing as "sterile inflammation" in which mast cells are usually involved.


Are you taking 5000IU vitamin D? There's  no harm as far as I know, unless you are also getting lots of calcium which then gets hyper-absorbed.

Yes, low vit D is associated with autoimmune and auto-inflammatory, likely since D is an anti inflammatory.

Are you sugar free?
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Haven’t gone sugar free — I’ve cut back.  Increased my water consumption, taking multi vitamins and vit D tabs.    
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Yes, I think you are quite correct about the yeast. (Else it might be a bacteria that behaves like yeast.)

A simple elevated ANA is not enough to suspect autoimmunity. But the yeast infection can stir up your immune system, put it into fight mode, and cause a lot of your symptoms.

Have you tried to control the yeast? If not, we can talk about that. You  mainly want to kill it and/or starve it.

Do you have a family history of immune system diseases, even severe allergies?

Do you flush a lot? Red skin.
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Problem is I pinged negative on three yeast tests .....
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