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Suspected CTD, but negative ANA

Hi everyone. I have decided to make a post here because this situation is driving me crazy.

22M, with autoimmune hypothyroidism.

A brief summary of my situation: It seems like a have a similar condition to a connective tissue disease, but my doctors don't know exactly what it is.

During these two years I have been hospitalized more than two occasions for severe symptoms of anemia, leukopenia, severe inflammation in both legs (not at the same time, one at once), petechiae, vascular purpura, arthragias, tiredness, all of that.

The first time it happened my symptoms came alone and in the same way they left. It was a mystery, a "weird reaction from my body" to maybe an infection (that was the explanation, honestly. I'm not kidding)

Last occasion, tough, was a bit more complicated. My leg became infected.

Tests performed? Almost all that were possible. The possible diagnosis was Polymyosistis or some other disease like that. Then my ANA came negative in titer of 1:80. So was the Rheumatoid factor. In the mean time, it was discovered I have some sings of hyperlaxity.

They ruled out thrombosis completely. They thought I had bad malabsorption/celiac disease/gastro-intestinal problems, but no, that was also ruled out. They also ruled out additional problems with my thyroid, hematological problems, and so on...

I have no visible muscle changes on my imaging test, nor in my skin biospy.

So they resolved that it was a nutritional problem.

Official diagnosis? Vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin C), and an infection similar to Cellulitis. Treatment? Diet rich in vitamins, vitamin C supplements and antibiotics. It worked, somewhat. Most problems disappeared.

So what's the deal now? Now I have deficiency of vitamin D, and in addition, other symptoms, such as kidney problems and high levels of PTH are appearing. And some problems on my skin continues to appear, like "acne" with hematoma-like coloration, but which is only acne (based on what my dermatologist have determined, for now).

My doctors are as baffled as I am. I never saw a rheumatologist, because I was never referred to one and no one thought it was necessary.

TL;DR: Suspected CTD. Negative antibodies. Vitamin deficiency as final diagnosis. New symptons after treatment. Misdiagnosis? Not a very precise diagnosis?

Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks!

PD: Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
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