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TSH declining

I was told that I have hyperthyroid because of a hot  adenoma in Aug.  I had rai by the end of Aug but my TSH level low every time I go to doctor. I am not taking any medication just beta blockers for the very bad symptoms that I am having. Extreme fatigue, joint pain, tremors, dry skin, insomnia and constipation. Also very painful and sensitive neck and under neck.  TSH .293, .01 to .006  and my Free T4  1.57 to 1.78 just a little high. Also told my Lymph auto was low 27.0. and my antibodies negative. Should I be concern? I really don't want to take rai again because my symptoms got worse. The endocrinologist does not think its the adenoma anymore what else could it be?
Had ultrasound last week and the adenoma did get a 5mm smaller but did mention new heterogeneity noted diffusely in the echotexture gland .
thank you for your time
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This is the sort of thing that requires a specialist, especially if a suspected benign or malignant growth might be causing problems.

The extreme joint pain, tremors and fatigue, etc. may actually be something else, such as a chronic infection.  You should be checked for Mycoplasma species and Chlamydia pneumoniae and Borrelia b.
Prof. Nicolson
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