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ankylosing spondylosisspondylosis andand ??

I'd like to ask about my husband's disease ankylosing spondylosis. We are very much familiar with the symptoms but one of them doesn't match the description. Sometimes he has awful pain in back but it's not coming from joints but from muscles. The muscles can get incredibly tense and he's unable to stretch them or relax them. I also noticed that he's quite muscular all over but he doesn't go to the gym. So I just wondered if there could be some disease of overproduction of muscles and if this could cause the muscles to tense so much.
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Hi aaaleks.

I'm afraid he has an immune deficit, meaning that his immune function
is working overtime  to keep things balanced as much as possible and unable to fight off properly any pathogens (and associated inflammation), within the joint tissues-usually in the synovial fluid.

One of the best supports for joint health is bone broth from free range chicken (simmering boil for 24 hours) and from grass-fed beef ( simmering boil, 48 hours).
Another way to achieve similar results is gelatin powder mixed in about 5-10 grams in a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water daily. make sure it is high quality from grass-fed cattle, if possible.

The other constitutional remedy is coconut oil, virgin & organic about 5-7
tablespoons daily (start with 2 and build up gradually) preferably in place of other pro-inflammatory cooking oils. Coconut oil does not degrade in high temperatures and it has anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.
Also doing Oil Pulling with coconut oil  will help eliminate  billions of toxic molecules and pathogens from the oral cavity, instead of seeping slowly into the body, causing further damage.

At a very different level, you may search under
"Structured Educational Program", a free course to help people with
ongoing back and other pain related to TMS (tension myositis syndrome)
get better.
Very well worth looking into this, which may help explain certain aspects of these painful conditions that doctors cannot.

Best wishes,

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Thank you very much for your help. We got the supplements that you recommended and we hope for the best. Can I ask you about what to do when his joints get very sore? He gets pain in lower back and hips. He tries to stretch it or put a heat on it. Nothing seems to help work weeks now.
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Well, I cannot think of anything from the voltaren, supplements or AS itself
linked to muscle overgrowth.
It is likely due to  etiology, stemming from a different source.
The symptoms are comparable in a way to growing pains and post weight bearing exercise (with inadequate stretching, warm-up and cool down) onset soreness.

I wonder if MSM powder, 2 x 1/2 teaspoon a day with juice or water,
would help. MSM supplies organic sulphur, which is a great oxygen transporter to the tissues.

Boswellia is a top-rated anti-inflammatory supplement, which targets TNFa,
an inflammatory process commonly associated with AS.

I have recommended to many and used it myself  Nanoavailable Boswellia
from AOR with good results.

Best wishes
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He's on voltaren retard 75mg and sometimes voltarol emulgel but it doesn't help. He also takes multivitamin and fish oil.
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What drugs or supplements is he on?
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