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oral candida salivary duct infection is it possible autoimmune condition ?

5yrs ago I was treated successfully with lepton for hepC
this May I found lumps coming from salivary ducts below incisors and then candida infection in whole of mouth.
no candida treatment worked and swab came back negative, I'm waiting for 4 months for a referral for specialist in NZ.  in the meantime I have been on flucloxicillin for infection and the thrush has not gone away since I finished antibiotics.my saliva is thick at night but it changes during the day. I drink 4+ litres of water daily. all blood results within range except hi cholesterol.my  b12 and IF levels are within range. basically I'm left with self diagnosis due to hopeless health service  
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  That is so incredibly frustrating when we can't get doctors to continue to work for a diagnosis when it isn't completely obvious initially.  I'm just going to give some further ideas to look into.  One simple one and obvious idea is that of dry mouth that is chronic.  It can cause your symptoms.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dry-mouth/symptoms-causes/syc-20356048  One thing that can cause it that people often don't often realize it is nerve injury to your head or neck. There are prescription or over the counter mouth rinses to help with this. An image of your salivary glands wouldn't be a bad idea at some point either.

Since you have repeated candida over growth of the mouth, are there other indicators that your immune system is weakened?  When you had your blood work done, did they check your sugar level to make sure you were not diabetic or pre diabetic?  Sugar can build up in saliva when that is the case and cause symptoms.

When there is frequent yeast overgrowth, they typically recommend cutting down and eliminating as much sugar as you can from your diet. You sound to be clearly hydrated.

I would attempt one of the mouth rinses to see if that helps while you wait to see a doctor again.
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thanks for getting back to me , candida has gone for the last 2 days , saliva gets thick at night and I still have grainy discharge from lower ducts, not under the tongue.  no sugar intake for 2 months,no diabetes risk in last blood tests,no other suggestion it is autoimmune problem. I have seen 6 doctors who only looked  at symptoms. no nerve injury, had all teeth out 20 yrs ago.
since this started I have minimal taste and smell .
it is possible I have ear infection that hasn't cleared in years which I am looking into this week.  I might have not noticed rh hearing loss over time, May be unrelated but I am clutching at straws here .  
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