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undiagnosed Neurological problem

Have been experiencing: recent TIA, decreased cognitive abilities, bodywide muscle weakness, speaking difficulties on bad days, bodywide muscle pain and stiffness, balance problems, memory problems, numbness in various areas. Recent MRI showed: mild periventricular white matter change, also, a punctate 3 mm area of increased signal adjacent to the right lateral ventricle in the parietal lobe. Any suggestions on this?
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Lori, Thank you for the response. You obviously understand where I'm at here and I'm sorry you're going through this also, it's not a very enjoyable place to be, very frustrating. My daughter asked me to babysit my 6 wk old grandson today and I had to tell her that I could not, I love having him but my both arms have been extremely sore since I had him last 4 days ago and are just today not as painfull and I just want a pain-free couple days before I have him again. He's only 11 pounds, but I suppose that is too much even :( makes me sad cause I love him so much and love being w him. This really *****!!!
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i hear yah and feel for you. all those symptoms i have been experiencing for over 1 year now. 5 neurologists later and tests galore! mri shows 2 small abnoralities on my brain but noone seems to know!!!!  it is an ongoing battle. i have had cat scans, eye exams which showed my double vision( i went when i was having an attack) so they could see that. blood work negative. lymes disease test negative. emg test negative.  physio helps and i am taking tonnes of natural vitamins. b12 and a multi vitamin calcium and magnesium  and try to work out with mild weights to help me gain more muscle control. this is all helping but again it isn't taking the symptoms away just helps me cope better. wish i was a Dr. and could help you out. hope this sort of helps. and i feel for you you are not alone!
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