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what does off the charts high antibodies indicate and what to do about them?

i have had hashimoto for about 14 years (am 28 now)..my tpo antibodies have always been high but not nearly as high as my Thyroglobulin antibodies (Tg) which range from 1600 to off the charts..(average is about 2100). last year  or so they went way up and at the same time my tsh shot up to about 75. The tsh has been coming down steady and is now at 15 awaiting my most recent test however. I am on 115 of NP thyroid at present. .My questions is what does this high leverl of antibodies indicate and what can i do to lower them? I was going to try black seed oil again (used it for a while and saw some improvement) and myo-inosticol and selenium. I am now rading where taking selenium is not likely to affect anything but the TPO antibodies...and that nothing can be done about the high Thyroglobulin antibodies (Tg) levels..what is causing them? Maybe if i knew i could devise a plan to fix them..I did read somewhere that my ebv  (tested and have had it) might be an underlying cause..any ideas? or suggestions? I hate to just sit her and watch my thyroid go up in flames..
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