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15 years and counting...no closer today than I was then :(

Is there anything I can say to my doctor to make him take me seriously??? After I had my daughter 16 years ago I was feeling soooo tired, frustrated, irritated, and mentally "foggy".  Doctors thought because I had a newborn and a 2 year old at home, that was the issue with my symptoms and I totally agreed.  I then started to get palpatations quite often and of course with that came the anxiety, muscle fatigue, etc.... It was confirmed by my doctor that I had "generalized anxiety disorder". So then came the meds, my lab results are always in the low part of the "normal" range, I have many lumps on my thyroid and there was a couple that were suspicous for thyroid cancer so they were checked out and doctors said "you are fine!!!"  My doctor said to me "the lumps are not cancerous but you have an autoimmune disease that is eating away at your thyroid and I would say in about 10 years you will be diagnosed with that disease". I've just started to keep track of my body temp and it is low, 35.7 C.  I am marked now as a diagnosed anxiety patient and every time I have a problem that's what my doctor refers to, that all of my symptoms are caused by my mental issue.
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Trying to talk sense into a Dr that doesn't believe there are other ways to treat Thyroid disorders ( in my opinion ) is fruitless and frustrating ! I have gone through 31 Doctors ... Once I found Stop the Thyroid Madness , I got a list of Doctors that were N.D.T. friendly .. You can also call around to pharmacies in your area and ask them if there are any Dr's RX'ing  NDT to patients and then call their office and see if they are accepting new patients.

Getting informed , moving in circles with like minded individuals looking for the same thing(s) you are is also a great help.. I can safely say that STTM helped get me my life back..
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Get a new doctor!  Preferrably an Endocrinologist, who specializes in endocrine disorders.  If this is not an option, don't give up.  Make an appointment with your doctor, and make them listen to you seriously.  If you're not feeling well, then you're not feeling well.  YOU pay them to find out why.  Sorry you're going through this.  I'm doing much better now that I see a great Endorcrine Doc., and he really seems to be in tune with what I need.  Good luck!!
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