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Feel like my doctors are ignoring me....now what?

Hello.  I have had increasing hypothyroid symptoms for almost a year now and am at a loss as to what to do because I feel like I am being ignored.  My general doctor and an endocrinologist have dismissed my symptoms because my blood work levels are "in the normal range".  I've been told it's probably just my body getting ready for menopause (I will be 44 next month).

Symptoms:  I gained 12 lbs in 2 weeks despite no other lifestyle changes (up to 20 lb gain).  I am tired (told it was no doubt due to stress....work, 4 kids, etc) yet have trouble staying asleep, I am always cold to the point that my fingers and toes get totally numb (even when my house is 75 degrees) and I can't get feeling back unless I run hot water over my hands and then I get the worst tingling.  It doesn't take long before they are numb again.  My hair is breaking off, eyebrows are thinning but on the outside yet oddly enough I have increased facial hair (under chin), big time decreased libido, I could go on and on.  I should also note that prior I was a size 4-6, had run marathons (I am struggling to train for a marathon right now because I am so stinking tired or sore).  I've also been told I have low vitamin B and D levels and have myofascial pain syndrome.

My question is despite "normal lab values" could they not be normal for MY body?  I feel like I don't know my body anymore...the weight gain is in my abdomen and hips (not usual for me) and I am at a loss.  If it helps my serum testosterone levels were 13 ng/dL (normal being 8-48), and my Free Testosterone (Direct) was 0.3 pg/mL (normal range being 0.0-2.2).  TSH was 1,270 uIU/mL (normal being 0.450-4.500).

Any advice would greatly be appreciated!
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Sorry, sent that too soon.  Read this article on "normal: TSH levels....it seems that's not the correct number you are giving.  At any rate, you need to have your Free T3/ T4 levels checked to know exactly what's going on.  The TSH alone is not all accurate.  Find a doctor that will work with you on this.  This "range" is only  a standard, and doesn't apply to everyone.  
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