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Have you ever been told by your GP to eat less?

I just have and i'm so upset I walked out of the surgery!

I've tried everything. I've even gone wheat and gluten free!

I'm on 100 of levo and my tsh is 0.9 so that's stable. I'm 13st and 5ft7" tall and my gp said well you really need to be 11st so eat less!

Have any of you experienced this - I need some advice, i'm just so upset and i'm really at the end of my tether with GP's!!!


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Hi Lori,

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I did, it was awful i've never done anything like that before. She asked me what I wanted her to do about it, I explained that i've never had my T3 T4 test results back so could it be that i'm not absorbing T3? She then patronised me and said " been reading on the internet have you!" Awful woman, so rude.

Nevertheless i've contacted my endocrinologist at the private clinic to see if I can go and get this sorted. I agree cutting out bad whites does help as I lost a tiny amount last year but I seem to be going downhill again fast.

Funny you should suggest that book I had it delivered a few weeks ago and haven't had the time to read it yet so I'll make time this evening.

Thanks again for replying, its really difficult somedays.

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Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry this happened to you.  You walked out of a surgery?  

That seems so cold for your GP just to tell you to eat less.  Did you explain to him/her that you HAVE tried eating less and cutting wheat/gluten, etc.?  If you did, and he/she is still so insensitive and not willing to work with you, I'd kick them to the curb as your doctor.  

Your GP wants you to lose 28 lbs.  It sounds like you have been trying as well, so if I were you, I'd begin a daily food journal.  Write down everything you eat and drink for a few weeks.  Make an appointment with an actual Endocrinologist.  Take your journal in and show the Dr. and ask where modifications can be made, etc.  Their specialty is the endocrine system (Thyroid, metabolism, etc.), and they are better equipped then a GP to handle your situation.

You said that your TSH is fine, but what about your Free T3 and T4 levels?  These are much more important than TSH levels.

There's a good book called "The Thyroid Diet" out there.  You can buy inexpensive used copies on Amazon.com.  This may help you also.

I seem to lose more weight when I cut out all the bad "whites" from my diet (sugar, white flour, salt, pasta), and stay away from the pre-made/frozen foods loaded with preservatives.  It's very hard to do, but you get used to it.  I lost 17 lbs. doing just this.  If you decide to do this, there's tons of meal/snack ideas out there.  I can share mine too.

If you ever have any questions, or just need to vent, I'm here.    
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