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3 hour surgery

I was diagnosed with POTS approx 1 year ago. I would like to know if it would be possible to have an elective procedure done which would take around 3 hours to perform. At a recent pre operative examination my ECG showed an abnormal heart trace therefore the aneathestist cancelled my surgery what are the risks. They have referred me back to my GP for further tests but i would just like to know whether other people with this condition have had operations of this lenghth or longer.

Many thanks
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My EKG came back okay enough that surgeries were done after my P.O.T.S. diagnosis.  What kind of abnormality did you have?  P.O.T.S. involves sinus tachycardia in an upright position and generally would not be reflected on an EKG lying down, I don't believe.

I'm not sure how long my laporotomies were, but I had two of them after my P.O.T.S. diagnosis & other surgeries as well, including an elective surgery.  After my I.S.T. & P.O.T.S. diagnoses, I like to make sure the anesthesiologist will have some labetolol on hand, just in case.
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Hi thanks for that information. I am unsure of the abnormal result as yet they felt that it would have been too risky to proceed with my surgery i have to see a cardiologist for further tests but i will keep updating on here.
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You are welcome!

Please do keep us posted!
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Thankyou again for your help
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You're welcome!  Are you scheduled yet for further testing?
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