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Anyone else have these problems

So, I have had heart problems since I was 17, originally i was diagnosed with PSVT, then at 25 I had a sinal node ablation because it was assumed I has IST. After surgery I was diagnosed with dysautonomia.  Unfortunately i was told most people grow out of it by 25, well Im 25 and the past few years it has only gotten worse, not better.
I have multiple symptoms, none of which i never connected to having dysautonomia.
Symptoms for me include
Chronic headaches, daily. I keep imatrex and Tylenol on me at all times.
Palpitations, i have a medication to take to stop them when they occur
Insomnia, i can fall asleep but i cant stay asleep
Digestive issues
I cant regulate my body temp
Extreme intolerance to humidity, more so than just heat.
Low blood pressure, i now eat a lot of salt and drink a lot of water.
As awkward as it is i have like 0 libido and i cant produce my own lubrication.
Light headedness and brain fog
I dont pass out but my vision will fade and come back
Occasionally chest pains
Anxiety and severe mood swings mainly to depressed and pissed right tf off

There is more, but i am just so tired, i wanna be functional but its so hard and idk what to do. Every medication my body rejects for the most part i get sick or my mood swings go rampant and im just tired..
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