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Do you have to be tachy to have POTS? Do you have to drop BP to be OH?

I've been watching my BP the last week rarely is more that 10 off in either direction, is 110/70 considered low BP? My cardio put me on 0.1mg Florinef 1x, even though my BP didn't change much in the TTT (presumably because of low blood volume).

Also, been watching my HR on the Fitbit and I average like 55-65 lying or sitting, 75-80 walking around with an occasion short spike to 95-100.  Even with a negative TTT, can you have POTS with what is (I assume) such a low HR?
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This doesn’t sound like POTS at all. Low BP is generally considered anything below 90/60, although it can vary for some people. Your resting HR is pretty low, and even your standing/active HR isn’t too bad, so the brief spikes up to 100 could just be lack of exercise or sudden bursts of movement. With POTS, your BP should be low on standing, your resting HR higher, and your standing HR at least in the 120s. I would ask your doctor why they put you on that med. I’m not a doctor, so there may be another reason they prescribed it.
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Sounds normal tbh.
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