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Does Dysautonomia affect breathing?

I get winded when I do housework like mopping, try to dance and especially if I worry or stress. I have to calm myself down as I start to Hyperventilate. I have a difference of opinion with my diagnosis from another specialist. Besides this condition I have suffered from extreme migraines and fibromyalgia for years. I also sometimes experience dumbness in my hands and feet. My hands sting like there are little needles in them. It hurts to even hold the steering wheel of my car. Are either of these a result of Autonomic Dysfunction?
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My POTS affects my breathing when I do anything that raises my heart rate. People think I have panic attacks, but it happens when my heart beats too fast that I can not caught my breathe. I get migraines a lot when I am tired, stress, not eating enough salt, not drinking enough water, or when my blood pressure is high. My POTS doctor said it is common with people that have a form of Dysautonomia. I have nerve damage from being a preemie. It stings and burns when people touch me on my shoulders, arms, feet, and neck. My legs and arms also go numb because I do not get enough blood flow throughout my body, my doctor said. They are a result of autonomic dysfunction.
Thanks for your responses to my questions  
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