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Does PAF increase the risk of RSD

Hello.  A newbie here with a new problem. I have had Primary Autonomic
Failure of all systems except respiratory for 4 years. I hope someone
can help me understand how this affects radial nerve damage.
I had CMC arthroplasty with tendon transfer in July.  They removed the
arthritic bone (trapezium) in my R wrist and used a flexor tendon to maintain spacing.
When the second cast was removed after 6 weeks I had what seemed to be just a
bruise and mild discomfort. But since then I have had  redness, heat, swelling, and
pain ( now with activity about a 7- 8 on a scale of ten) increase daily.
The area from the base of my thumb past my radial wrist bone feels  like
a bad sunburn and is sensitive to the slightest touch.  The same area is
red and swollen. The area of the transplant increasingly feels like a deep bruise.
The hand therapist is concerned that the nerve involvement  could turn into
RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and affect my entire arm. ( The risk is only
about 5%.) I began using a TENS unit today and started taking Lyrica,
which is supposed to aid nerve healing as well as calm the pain.
My question is:  Does having PAF put me at a higher risk of developing RSD?
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You have a very good question. I did some research and couldn't find anything that would answer it. I also have PAF, we should compare notes sometime.
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Thanks for looking.  
I'll be gone next week for family reunion. Will appreciate any ideas you
leave on posts when I get back.
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What you describe sounds like you HAVE RSD/CRPS and the treatment (TENS/Lyrica) are treatments for RSD.

Aggressive treatment for RSD/CRPS is what is critical.  I was diagnosed with RSD 2 months after onset, but the docs refused treatment for another 5 months--now it seems to be a permanent condition.  This was due to their ignorance, I believe.  

The best scenario for RSD/CRPS is aggressive early treatment; in many people this causes it to go away completely.

Joshua Prager M.D. in LA has some excellent information available on the web about this disease.

Good luck.
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Thanks.  Fortunately my ortho took my nerve damage seriously, and with the treatment you mentioned it is now nearly completely resolved.  Wish you'd had the same result.
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