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Does anyone need help with P.O.T.S?

I am a doctor of alternative healing and if you need help I am here to assist you in a recovery. Would you like me to get to the root of your problem?
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Formerly joined a forum dealing with dysautonmia.  Response was that yes, my symptoms definitely suggested a possibility. (Exhausted frequently, had been diagnosed (RVH) with PLMS (111 day and 122 night) in 1993, together with slow and shallow breathing (HYPOPNEAS which imitate OAS) but later CPAP for 2 years made things worse as breathing OUT was restricted!  Had been described as "a fainter" in adolescence. (Not Jewish.)  Still unsteady when stand up if do not breathe consciously beforehand. Still get near to fainting when in pain and call 911. It was suggested I take salt and drink lots more water.  Now heart Dr. says to reduce salt! Never thirsty. Always, even now at 86, low BP, low temperature.  Bloods always A1.  2 year exercise program has helped automatic deep breathing when exercising.  Used to get breathless half way up a SMALL hill.  PLMS seems to be controlled with 500 calc +  500 magnesium.  Dysautonomia as an orphan disease is unknown to my medical people.  Fragmented sleep (stage 1 and 2 only and REM without atonia) is my main exhaustion problem.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?   IDM
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Any help on how to treat POTUS?
I also have inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Fatigue. I wonder about adrenal dysfunction.
Other symptoms I have are that heat bothers me since inappropriate sinus tachycardia diagnosis. I also have hypothyroidism. Treated with Levothyroxine 75 mg daily and Cytomel 10 mg daily.
It all seems related to the autonomic nervous system. I had side effects with beta blockers   Cardizem which I begged to discontinue and then Metoprolol which even on a low dose I felt awful with profuse sweating, fight or flight reactions on higher dose of 100 mg then again when coming off of it. I still am only 2 1/2 weeks from discontinued the med. I hate these medications. I want to find the reason why this is happening and treat it by surgery or naturally. I can't tell how much magnesium and  potassium to take. I haven't taken calcium with it. I forgot that it helps magnesium work. But I just don't think I am taking enough because I am afraid to take too much potassium for it instance. I know to stop magnesium if stools get loose. It's potassium I am afraid of. My MD just said keep your electrolytes balanced with food. That's not enough for me becauseI get nausea at times constipation and headache when pulse and BP have been up or can't sleep.
Need help in Indianapolis Indiana for a good holistic doctor who like and internal medicine doc can evaluate everything and get me to a female cardiologist that listens and tests to rule out everything rather than mask symptoms by giving meds!!! What if I had a blockage in my arteries?! My 2 DM Echo showed normal heart structure but that does not tested for blocked arteries or abnormal valves or conductivity of the heart!!!
Help please!!!
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