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Help, difference between Dysautonomia & MSA

I have been poked, prodded, and darn near disected..My symptoms started 9 years ago and I have had unexplained severe anxiety attacks, irregular heart rate, all of a sudden low blood pressure, digestive problems, dizziness, and the different symptoms come in a cluster at different times, I have heard that I may need to seek help for Dysautonomia, or MSA, how is this diagnosed? How do you know the difference? help please, I have been treating myself for 9 years and had to stop eating gluten, wheat, lots of carbs and be very careful at what I do eat, and exercise daily or I dont feel good...I know MSA is deadly but again how do I know the difference and my doctors, they dont know much about these.
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Omg! I have the same situation!one neurologist says he thinks it's m.s.a. And another say is dysautonomia . I just had a datscan. And 3 M.r.i. Did someone say there is a test for it.  I am getting really  crazy from all the testing.  Please if anyone could give me  any advise.
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Have you visited a Cardiologist or Neurologist?  Dysautonomia is generally diagnosed with a Tilt Table Test.  It can also be diagnosed by a specialist based on symptoms, and physical examination.  MRI's, EKG's, EEG's, and other tests are often used to rule out other possible causes for the patients symptoms, and/or co-existing conditions.

There is no specific test for MSA that I am aware of.  It's mainly diagnosed by clinical features observed by the diagnosing doctor.

Have you ever been treated with medication to help control your low blood pressure episodes?  I wish you luck in finding an appropriate treatment for your condition.
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