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Hot Flashes - Sweating

Hi I have been having "hot flashes" for a period of time that began with a constellation of other symptoms.  The hot flashes appear to happen mainly within a minute of awakening.  Happens MUCH less often when I am awake.  Want to make a distinction that it generally doesn't wake me up but happens just after I awaken, very rarely happens during the day when I am awake.  I feel extremely warm and I start to perspire from my head to my feet.  It is so bad that beads of perspiration form all over my body.  It lasts for I'd say 1-3 minutes and subsides...It may happen several times per night ie awakening to turn over, go to BR etc.  I developed chronic pain believed to be nerve pain, numbness and tingling that comes and goes, and inflammation that flairs up aprox 1 per month.  The sweating has been noted to go away when I take prednisone.   Spinal tap was negative as was my autoimmune workup, also tested/treated for various infectious processes ie lymes etc with little change.  Pain flairs consistently in afternoon/evening hours.  Pain/flushing seem to follow a diurnal pattern.  thanks for any input
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