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POTS /pyridostymine / can't get up in the a.m.

A Tilt Table Test in Sept confirmed my neurologist POTS diagnosis. I am now taking 60 MG pyridostymine 2X daily with plans to increase dosage to 3X daily.  It is next to impossible for me to get out of bed in the morning. I don't know if it's POTS or the pyridostymine. I forget how I feel one day to the next but I know that for the past two weeks I physically feel that I cannot get out of bed unless I sleep 10 - 12 hours. Has anyone felt extreme tiredness from taking pyirdostymine? No anemia. Cortisol w/n normal levels. Blood work has checked out.
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I have never taken, and am not finding pyridostymine coming up in a search.  Do you mean Pyridostigmine bromide?  I see it is used to lessen muscle weakness for people with myasthenia gravis.  

Did your doctor explain why they felt the medication was something you should take for your P.O.T.S. (how they thought it would help) or did they say they were giving it to you for something besides your P.O.T.S.?  

I've never heard of this drug being given for P.O.T.S. before.  I would tell the doctor what it seems to be doing to you with the tiredness- if it is Pyridostigmine bromide, it's a drug that can make you drowsy... perhaps it is not the best medication for you?

Had they tried the usual types of medications for your P.O.T.S. that doctors try, such as midodrine, florinef, and beta blocker medication?
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