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POTS and dental procedures

Hello. I was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia after having rapid heartbeat, insomnia, panick attacks and head and chest pressure for 8 months. The doctor did not specify which type of dysautonomia it is but I thinks it is POTS. The symptoms started after the tooth infection which was very painful and it passed after few days of antibiotics. A day after antibiotc course, all these symtoms started. X ray showed infection under the roots of the tooth, but no dentist would treat me until I check my heart because I get shaky after painkillers are injected (i had one root canal procedure and now i have temporary filling which is almost gone). So now cardiologist advised to remove that infection as soon as possible. I have dentist appontment for tomorrow and not quite sure what to do. I think I want it removed and get an implant later, but every dantist I talked to says I must do root canal cleaning and save the teeth. Does anybody with dysautonomia has experience with root canals? I've red that they are toxic and even may be the cause of POTS as dead tissue is always present in the body. And if I'd choose to remove the tooth, did anybody had experience with that? Also, what can I do to feel less sensitive when I sit in dentist chair? I can't even breathe when I lay down and don;t think will be able to sit still. It is very stressful for me and I am afraid to get a panick attack. Also, should I ask for epinephrine-free pain medication?
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Yes-- I have had root canals, and today I had to have a tooth pulled where a crown was previously poorly done by a dentist I went to for many years. He got careless with the care he provided as he got close to retirement. Now I need to get an implant.

I should mention I have major head and neck pain and issues from previous whiplash and some very bad falls and concussions. It is uncomfortable for me to get dental work in general.

Back to your question-- it is always best to preserve your tooth if you can. Do they suggest a root canal with a filling or a crown? Yes-- you need to get the infection cleared up soon. Left untreated-- it can lead to other bad health conditions-- including loss of bone in the jaw.  

An implant requires drilling a screw into your jaw. A root canal isn't as bad as drilling into my bone will be.

The epinephrine-free injection does really work and won't get you numb enough for any of the procedures you are mentioning. My recommendation is to go to an oral / maxillo- facial surgeon. They will monitor you BP for the POTS. The one I saw today had a few other POTS patients-- so he knew a little bit.

Do you have good dental care available in your area?  

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I had a root canal done two weeks ago. The next morning at work I had a funny feeling in my ear and started to feel lightheaded when I had to bend over to pick up boxes. A few hours later I had to go to the e/r because I felt like I couldn’t get air in my lungs and I was starting to have chest pains. The hospital said it was just dehydration. Was this pots after the root canal?
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Interesting that you say pots can be caused by dead tissue or related to the teeth. Iv got a tooth I keep poking with my tongue that is slowly falling apart. I will be sure to look into this.
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yes,m epiephrine free pain med best., I was not diagnosed with this but this is exactly what I have been going thru only I've had more than 1 root canal and 1 partial and then it had to be pulled. Good luck
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You need to find out what was used in those root canals. My bet is formaldehyde...common names of product sargenti paste, n2, rc2b, rc2w. Dont believe anything the amercan endodontic society says about it. They are general dentists who promote and use this poison...in the closet.  Believe the people at the link below. If used on you and within statute, SUE.

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Use this link instead. These folks are endodontist and have the support of ADA.

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