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Rise in blood pressure and heart rate when standing/exersion?

Does anyone experience a rise in blood pressure and heart rate when they stand up or do slight exertion?  Also, my heart pounds up into my throat, neck and ears and get extra beats in my heart. I am also very sensitive to adrenaline.  Even the smallest things can get my heart pounding.   Doctors can't figure it out and there solution is to keep me on a beta blocker (Metoprolol extended release)  They have doubled my dose now from 25ml. once a day to 50ml. once a day.  I just want to find out why it's happening.   It was suggested to me that it possibly could be some form of disautonomia.  I would appreciate any advice I can get.  Thank you  
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I have a rise in BP and HR when I stand or do the slightest things around the house, and also get an elevated Norepinephrine of over 1000 when upright on a tilt table test.  When I'm reclined, everything is normal to low.  I have been to Mayo, who was no help at all, and local doctors don't know what to do with me.  They  don't dare give me BP meds because then when I'm reclined, everything goes really low.  It's been suggested that it's Orthostatic Hypertension, and not much is known about that.  I also get the palpitations, tightness in my throat and many autonomic symptoms.  I am 66 yrs. old and still searching for answers myself.
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It seems like hyperadrenergic POTS..
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Hello just wanted to let you know your not alone. I'm 27 and have been sick with random symptoms for years. My blood pressure and heart rate also goes up every time I stand. I got stomach issues and developed some type of allergy's which i have been told could be Mast Cell since last summer which Im currently having a repeat of symptoms that happen last August. Doctors aren't helping me. I have been to 2 cardiologists and 2 GI doctors. The Cardiologists say my heart is fine i just have tachycardia and prescribed me metoprolol like you. I have talked to them about Hyperadrebergic POTS but they never give me the Tilt Test or try to diagnose me with anything to confirm it. Its very frustrating. I'm tired of having no answers and never knowing how I'm going to feel one minute to the next. I hope you find answers soon. Best of luck!
When *anyone* stands up, the body has to use muscles to do it, and must adjust the heart rate and blood pressure upwards so that the brain and other parts of the body continue to receive their normal share of oxygen and nutrients.

In other words, this kind of rise is normal.  What's not normal is too great a change, or one that lasts too long.
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