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What type of dysautonomia I have?

Hi my country there's no specialist in dysautonomia and it's rare medical case in my country,few doctors know about it.
One of my doctors said I have vascular/vasomotor instability
Other one said pots
Third one said Hyperadrenergic pots
My problem is

1-Always standing increase my blood pressure 10 degrees approximately but always hypotension never increased to hypertension which the reason my 3rd said Hyperadrenergic pots beside my hemeglebic migraine -  I cured from it- light trigger rapid heart rate
I can't do exercises unless laying in the bed if I stand and bend my knees or sit in the floor when I stand and when I climb stairs oh my god very rapid heart rate headache, if I went outdoors I get fatigue standing alot make me dizzy can't do any work if I raise my legs especially left i feel dizzy rapid heart rate my leg became heavy

2- I feel thirst alot even drinking water doesn't quench the thirst and I get hydrated and feel cold dizzy sleepy can't concentrate rapid heart rate when I drink oral rehydration salt in addition to half teaspoon salt it quench thirst and hydrate me without adding salt to oral rehydration salt or water then drink normal water my thirst and dizziness don't go away
VMA, sp gravity urine is normal
I have hypothyroidism

3- most nasty problem I can't satand heat unfortunately my country too which make things worst, sun trigger my migraine, rapid heart rate hypotension my blood pressure is reach 80/40 sometimes fatigue
Can't approach any warm or heat source even warm drinks and foods my hand extremely sensitive to heat my hands feel warm or normal things to others very hot
I always have hot flashes
The back of my head and upper back and this zone doesn't feel with cold things and ice like I put normal thermal, and extremely sensitive to heat my entire body doesn't sense warm like hot except for back head and upper back hot flashes doesn't go without putting ice at back head and upper back on summer can't sleep on pillow i put ice because of back end and upper back this zone feel normal cool bathing water as warm in summer, I cant satnd human touch I feel it hot
I feel with tingling which doesn't go unless I put ice on it
Can't waer heavy clothes
My normal body temperature is 36.4° sometimes 36.6°
lh and fsh and prolactin normal and i have normal but painful menstruation

4- every 4 hours feel hungry my blood sugar low I can't raise it with sweet as I have glucose intolerance I carbohydrates

5- my memory affected and I have brain fog

All this problems happened after my Steroid diabetes which lasted for a year and gone since 2012

I take fludrocortisone 1 bill and midodrine, Bisoprolol 2.5 1 bill, eltroxin 100 mg

How to stop this problem, and which type of dysautonomia is it? How to decrease thermal sensitivity and stop thirst?
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