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   Hi. Im new to this group but I wanted to talk about my baby angels. See I was due June 13th 2010 with twins. I found out they where twins when I went to the ER and was having a miscarraige. Then afterwards though I found out I had only lost one of them. The other had survived. It only survived for about a week after the first one. I never knew what the y would have been or anything but I wonder does it make it any easier in comparison to someone who has had the chance to see and hold their baby? I knoew since I was 9 years old I want 4 children and so far all of them I have lost. Im sure it isnt anything close to actually having a child and then one day not having them anymore but I still loved them just the same and I was wondering if maybe anyone would have any advice on how to get past the scarred feeling of having to go through it again although the reason I lost them is no longer around. I am ttc now with my boyfirend and its terrifying that we will be able to get our hopes up just to have them dashed...
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i don't think you will ever truly get over being scared. ive had 7 pregnancies, i mid term loss of twin boys at 21 1/2 weeks, 3 miscarriages one needing a d and c, 1 ectopic pregnancy, and a 3 yr old healthy girl and a healthy pregnancy so far of 13 weeks. i hope you can get through this and get over the fear. just gotta have faith. losing my babies were very hard but my dr also went above and beyond to see why i was losing babies and now we are good :) good luck hope everything turns out ok.
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