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Belly Buddies - 7/18/10

YAY for MORE babies and BFP's!! Congrats to LiLinz and Natalie on their new additions and to treatgirl and tiffh on the long-awaited BFP's!

Our prayers and sympathy go out to hudsy during this difficult time for her.  She's a strong lady and I know that we'll see her stick back over here soon!

Buns already done:
Mapes/Melissa - Adam - 6/14/09
Dani - Colter - 7/19/09
kc1021 - Olivia Kate - 7/23/09
Tiger63/Stacey - Lillian Kathleen - 8/6/09
pat4rod/Patty - 9lb boy - 8/17/09
Ashmcc - Kamryn - 8/17/09
CacyMichelle - Addison Grace - 8/24/09
Munter - Lincoln Brian - 9/6/09
avik7/Anna - Jamin Scott - 9/16/09
Latrice - Trinity Allyssa - 9/18/09
nickswife/Gigi - Abby Nickole - 10/14/09
kgokgo/Niki - Isabelle - 10/18/09
BP0629/Brandy - Allison Jean - 10/24/09
melo1224 - ??? - 11/10/09
cari227 - Alyssa Marie - 11/14/09
hazeleyes/Amanda - Ali - 11/25/09
popcorn/Julie - ??? - 11/29/09
mikaleen/Aileen - Emma Claire - 12/1/09
LadyM84/Lisa - Evan Zack - 12/3/09
elisha123 - Brianna - 12/10/09
youme123/Leigh - Boy - ????
YogaChick/Mira - Ziva Ariana - 1/16/10
Mialvan/Maria - June - 1/16/10
GMB/Gina - BOY - 3/15/10
tinkerbell101/Deb - Daniel Ethan - 3/30/10
Msteri - Chole - 4/30/10
EricaB28 - Emma Rea - 5/18/10
Princessa745/Rossie - Jeyden
Steph9803 - Gavin
LiLinz - Thomas - 7/7/10
Natalie910 - Samuel Bradly - 7/12/10

Buns still cooking:
Steph_b - 38 - Girl - 7/31/10
HeatherLF16 - 38 - Boy - 8/3/10
Peterjl/Mary - 38 - Girl - 8/5/10
TCGirl - 35 - Girl - 8/21/10
TeddiH - 33 - 9/8/10
rachaellou06 - 29 - 10/2/10
cocacolapanda/Amy - 29 - Girl - 10/6/10
szw2008/Sam - 28 - 10/11/10
Dmarie/Dana - 27 - boy - 10/18/10
nunu/Vanessa - 27 - boy - 10/22/10
Nikkij6577 - 26 - 10/26/10
missmyangel/Theresa - 25 - boy - 10/30/10
Youngmum20 - 25 - 10/31/10
Pips - 25 - girl - 11/1/10
annalc - 25 - boy - 11/5/10
babyhope8/Ana - 22 - 11/25/10
trying_x_3 - 21 - 12/3/10
1angelbabyM/Gina - 20 - Girl - 12/9/10
lori0615 - 19 - 12/13/10
Gailybaby - 17 - 12/26/10
need_answers - 17 - 12/29/10
bam1014/bridgette - 15 - 1/8/11
deedee4321 - 15 - 1/15/11
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - 11 - 2/7/11
ilovemyson23 - 9 - 2/21/11
Dani711 - 8
andreasmom - 7 - 3/10/11
princessjam/Jamie - 7 - 3/12/11
treatgirl/Chelle -
tiffh - 4 - 3/25/11

Ok, 3 more babies due any minute now. . . Who is going to go next??
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Thanks for adding me to the list, its especially exciting since my best friend and sister is 5th from the top.. glad were on the same list teddi..
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Thanks for adding me also.  I think my due date should be 3/21/11.

I hope everyone is just doing great.

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Bridgette you are truely amazing to keep this thread going!

Congratulations  LiLinz and Natalie!

Well done treatgirl and tiffh, a happy and healthy pregnancy to you both.

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I cant believe ill be in my third trimester in a few days! I cant decide if time is moving too fast or not fast enough... lol
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Congrats to the two new babies and the two new preggers on the list!  

Vanessa - I know what you mean, time's gone pretty fast for me, but it's never fast enough since I'm still preggers!  lol.

So on top of the baby moving a lot to keep me up, I now have hiccups to deal with.  This weekend I felt hiccups for the first time, and of course it had to be while I was trying to sleep!  If she's anything like my son she'll be born and get them like crazy and sound like a little squeeky toy, hehe.  On top of that I'm not looking foreword to my apt on Wednesday, the glucose test is not a fun one!  But on the bright side I'm down to 79 days left :)
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Yay!  Congrats to the New BFPs!!  

Thanks Bridgette for the new list...so nice to keep seeing my name rise up the list!!
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919101 tn?1368109937
Congrats to the new Mommies and congrats to the new BFP's!!!  I just have to get through tomorrow and then wake up wed morning and it is appt time!!! YYYYAAAAYYYY I am soooo excited and soo nervous all at the same time.
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991222 tn?1333990733
Hi Ladies-  It's so nice to hear about healthy babies being born & new BFP!  

Tausha- You must be so excited about tomorrow!  I can't wait to see those precious ultrasound pictures!

WOW- I'm first on the list, how exciting!!!  I'm still hanging around...Waiting.....Sorry this is TMI- but I'm excited as I think it means I'm making some progress.  I lost my mucus plug last night.  Hopefully this means labor is just around the corner.  Although I know it could still be a few weeks.
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1225070 tn?1344709174
Wow! Congrats to the newbies!

Well, had my appt yesterday....and we're having a GIRL!!!!! DH is now saying he wants to try again for a boy too lol!! We were going to keep it a secret but DH is really proud of his baby and wanted to tell everyone lol!! My placenta is in the front though which makes movement harder to feel, but I started feeling "kicks" yesterday!! Olivia Lynn is so cute, she just kept trying to snuggle in as close to me as she could get, the ultrasound tech commented that she had never seen a baby trying to get that close to the mother before! Olivia also kept putting her little hand infront of and all over her face so we couldn't get a clear picture but close enough!! Oh and the reason I still have to pee a lot is because she's closer to my bladder since she's toward my back!! Everything looked okay though...even though I've only gained a pound :-( that's 4-5 pounds total :-( but Olivia is at 11 ounces which they told me was normal! Well, hope you ladies have a wonderfull day!
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1128483 tn?1277340286
Trying - That's amazing!  I'm so excited, another girl in the group!
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1225070 tn?1344709174
Cocacolapanda - I know really exciting! And the best part is that DH is now talking about having another (he was set on a vasectamy...we're 22!!) so we can try for a boy too!! Looks like we have more girls than boys!!
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640548 tn?1340553355
It's so wonderful to see Bridgette in charge of the Belly Buddies list while she's firmly on the Belly Buddies list!  

And it's really weird to see Dani on there twice!  I'm in no rush to join.

Congratulations to the new babies and to the new BFP's!!

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LOL Aileen . . . sure you're in no rush to be back on the bottom?!?!

I've had some terrible cramping the last couple of days, praying it's just stretching, but it really is freaking me out.

Here's a poll for everyone - at what point (if any) did you start to relax and actually enjoy your pregnancy?  I'd love to get there sooner then later and not let this pass me by.
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Bridgette: I'd have to say it really took me until about half way and my 20 week u/s to really feel more at ease.  You will get there and all of a sudden the worry will go away... :)  Hang in there!

Trying: congrats on the girl!  I know we were all set for me to have my tubes tied after this one because it will be our second but now since we will have two boys I am deciding that I don't want to make such a permanent decision right now...two may be enough to handle but I don't want to close the door on the possibility of a third and maybe a girl finally!!!  

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1128483 tn?1277340286
trying - that is exciting!  At least your DH is willing to get the vasectamy, mine refuses!  I'm thinking sometime after this one we'll be looking into Essure.  I don't want my tubes tied and I refuse to be on BC for the rest of my life.  Our little girl will finally complete our family :)

Bridgette - yeah the cramping is pretty common, I had a lot of it with this pregnancy.  I think once I had the 20 week ultrasound at 21 weeks I felt much better about everything being ok.  I also did feel better when we actually heard the heartbeat, but it didn't make me feel like I could enjoy the pregnancy. Since this is my second pregnancy I think I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed it at all.  I enjoyed the second trimester with my first, but this time I seem to have "skipped" it.  At 29 weeks I look like I did when I was 40 weeks with my son, I have no clue how I'll make it the next 11 weeks!

Well leaving work a little early for the Glucose Test, I hope to get some sewing done while I wait, time to start drinking LOTS and LOTS of watter so I don't faint when they take the blood I guess, lol.
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Hi Ladies!  Just wanted to check in.  I think I'm 39 weeks either today or tomorrow, so the count down is on now.  Nothing new to report.  Still getting some mild contractions, but there is no cosistency to them.  I'm hoping I'm at least dialating a little bit more.

How is everyone else doing?

Bridgette- I think I was right around 18 weeks when I started to relax. After my gender scan I actually started shopping, although I did buy one little blanket when I found out I was pregnant.  But after the gender scan I started shopping like a mad woman ( and still haven't stopped)  I hope your starting to enjoy you prengnancy!

cocacolapanda- I hope the glucose test went well (I really hated it, I felt like I had a hangover the rest of the day)
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1128483 tn?1277340286
Thanks Steph - I can't wait to hear when you have your little girl.  I wish I was 39 weeks instead of 29!  haha.  

Glucose test went fine, just got the results and everything is normal!  YEAH!  I've been having a lot of BH contractions lately, today they just started to get more painful too.  I don't want to deal with another 11 weeks of this!
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Just got HCG levels back, 5 weeks, levels are 4,433. that # i can live with, was really nervous, but all seems to be ok.
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That's a GREAT number Tiff!  Congrats!

Well after all that cramping that I had, my dr moved my 16wk appt up early so I went in on Wednesday.  They did a really quick u/s (on an old icky machine so I couldn't see anything) found the HB and said all was ok.  The NP chalked it up to digestive issues.  So now my next appt is on Aug 17th and that's our gender scan!!!  I CAN't WAIT!!

Still haven't bought anything for the baby yet (although MIL has! - LOL).  We'll see how the 17th goes and then maybe . . .
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I know I been MIA for a while but I am glad to come back and see more BFP Congrats to all!
Congrats to all the new babies !!!

Not much to report here....to be honest I am still feeling a little nervous just because the loss of my little Angel was at 21 weeks I pass that time but I think I will feel more at ease once I hit the 25 week mark....I have not purchase anything for my baby but that's because we were not able to see the sex we hopw to be able to see it this coming Thursday on our next scan =)

Hope this list just continues to grow!
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919101 tn?1368109937
Bridgette- We don't even know what we are having and my mom started buying girl stuff. lol DH and my stepson want a girl. I think if its not a girl I gonna have a whole lot of people upset. I just want a healthy baby either way I will be happy =)
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anxiouslywaiting910- I know how you feel about the girl thing. My whole family and df's family want us to have a girl, since we already have 2 boys. After going through a loss i just want a healthy baby,

As far as me, well i got my bfp and edd 3/25/2011 unless the doctor changes it. Im hoping for high numbers and good results from the doctor tuesday.
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919101 tn?1368109937
My coworker says I am having a boy since I don't have alot of ms... anyone heard anything like this??  For some reason I am thinking boy, but everyone is rooting for a girl.
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991222 tn?1333990733
I don't know Tausha-  I had bad MS till almost 18 weeks and I'm having a little girl...  I'm sure this is another old wives tale.  I haven't decided what your having.  I will make a guess after your next set of belly pictures!

5 days till my due date, and hopefully Ashlynn is on her way.  My contractions continued through the night last night.   They are finally starting to get more consistent, but not all that painful.  I have a drs. apt in a few hours, hopefully I will get some good news then!

I want to take a second to thank everyone in this group for helping me get through my m/c and also this prgnancy.  You all have seriously kept me sane for the past year!  (wow- it's been a little over a year since I found this group)  I am very fotunate to have such great supportive friends,  my only wish is that we were all a little closer geogrpahically!
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