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Belly Buddies - March 7th

Last week we got one for the blue team and one for the pink team =)  What u/s's do we have this week??

Buns already done:
Mapes/Melissa - Adam - 6/14/09
Dani - Colter - 7/19/09
kc1021 - Olivia Kate - 7/23/09
Tiger63/Stacey - Lillian Kathleen - 8/6/09
pat4rod/Patty - 9lb Boy - 8/17/09
Ashmcc - Kamryn - 8/17/09
CacyMichelle - Addison Grace - 8/24/09
Munter - Lincoln Brian - 9/6/09
avik7/Anna - Jamin Scott - 9/16/09
Latrice - Trinity Allyssa - 9/18/09
nickswife/Gigi - Abby Nickole - 10/14/09
kgokgo/Niki - Isabelle - 10/18/09
BP0629/Brandy - Allison Jean - 10/24/09
melo1224 - ????? - 11/10/09
cari227 - Alyssa Marie - 11/14/09
hazeleyes/Amanda - Ali - 11/25/09
popcorn/Julie - ?????? - 11/29/09
mikaleen/Aileen - Emma Claire - 12/1/09
LadyM84/Lisa - Evan Zack - 12/3/09
Elisha123 - Brianna - 12/10/09
youme123/Leigh - ???????
YogaChick/Mira - Ziva Ariana - 1/16/10
MiaIvan/Maria - June - 1/16/10

Buns that are still cooking . . .
GMB/Gina - 36W - 3/26/10
tinkerbell101/Deb - 33W - 4/19/10
EricaB28 - 28W - 5/11/10
Msteri - 30W - Girl - 5/8/10
Princessa745/Rossie - 22W - Boy - 7/2/10
LiLinz - 21W - Boy - 7/10/10
Natalie910 - 20W - BOY - 7/19/10
Steph9803 - 20W - 7/21/10
HeatherLF16 - 18W - 8/4/10
Steph_b - 18W - GIRL - 8/4/10
Peterjl/Mary - 18W - 8/5/10
Queenspade/Jenn - 16W - 8/17/10
TCGirl - 15W - 8/21/10
TeddiH - 12W - 9/8/10
Rachellou06 - 11W - 9/20/10
jennymin867 - 9W - 10/4/10
cocacolapanda/Amy - 8W - 10/6/10
szw2008/Sam - 9W - 10/11/10
Dmarie/Dana - 8W - 10/18/10
Nikkij6577 - 7W
GinaGi - 7W - 10/23/10
nunu1977/Vanessa - 7W
MissmyAngel/Theresa - 6W

Keep all that lovely SSBD coming, we've got lots more ladies who want to get on this list!!
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Hmmmm, I'm beginning to think I'm a week off on a lot of you.  Let me know.

I'll be out of town all this week, so I'll see you lovely ladies next Friday!
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You forgot my little man :(
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Bridgette.. Have a safe trip! My u/s was on the day you did the last list a couple of weeks ago..my due date is 7/15 now too :P

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!!! The weather is beautiful here and the kids can't get enough of it.
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Well, I have my first u/s this Friday!  FINALLY!

Steph_b: Congrats on the girl news!!  I know I'd be going crazy shopping...LOL!

Bridgette: thanks for the list!  Have a great time out of town!

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Awww . Steph, I'm sorry :(  Got you updated on my spreadsheet, so I'll get it right next week!
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OK, I'm here to collect as much baby dust as I can haul, I'm extremely determined to get my BFP this time around, i'm on a mission!!!

Bridgette- I'll be collecting for you to just in case you can't get here, soon we'll be side by side over here;)

Steph- we could never forget your little man!!! I'll be away on vacation on your due date, but i'll have my computer!!!

Dana- thats soooo exciting! You should get pics right???
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Thanks for the new list, Bridgette!  You are a week off for me because I've finally made it to 31 weeks! I can't believe I only have 9 weeks left. Time sure does fly!
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bam1014- hope you have a lovely time away, i will find out for defo tomorrow when i am due!

dmarie919- i have my 1st u/s tomorrow i should either be 11 or 12weeks, i am getting very nervous! hope it goes quickly for you till friday!

smr08- dropping lots of baby dust for you! keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

well have my 1st u/d 2morrow at 10.40am i am a mixture of nervous, exited and worried!!! i am just keeping everything crossed that the little pip is ok, i dont feel like i did last time so i am sticking to that thought! i also either heard the plasenta or the babys heart beat on my doppler last night, not sure which but even if it was just the placenta it still means that everything is working as it should!??? i will be on as soon as i get home to let you all know how it goes. thankss for all the reassurance and kind words u have all given me it has really helps having u lot around! :)
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Teri- wow! only 9wks to go??? How exciting!!

Rachael- Thanks sweetie! I can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!! I'm sure your little pip is doing great :)
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Bridgette, I hope you have a safe trip!!!

I have 15 days until I know if I am team pink or team blue.  We are hoping for blue but considering how long it has taken us to get this far.....we will be thrilled either way!!!  

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It's been a busy weekend.  I'm not going to be on as much the next week or two, I've got a lot going on at work!  My little man is sick this weekend :(  I feel so bad for him, he's so stuffy he's having a hard time sleeping

Steph Congrats on the girl!!  I'm so excited for you!  I hope you don't get TOO much pink stuff (unless that's what you want!)  My SIL has a girl and everyone only gets her pink stuff.

rachaellou - I have told my family and a few friends and that's it.  I'm not telling work for a while due to some stuff that's going on, also don't want to post it everywhere because I might be looking for another job.
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Rachaell: good luck with your u/s!!  I know, I feel better about this pregnancy as far as symptoms have been going so I am hoping that is a good sign.  I didn't buy a doppler yet..I think that would make me too nervous if I couldn't get it to work right and I"d get myself in a panic over nothing.  

Lori and Bridgette: SSBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, Lori, I should get some pics, I hope...and I should be almost 9 weeks so I am hoping to see some detail!!  

Amy: It stinks when the lil ones are sick :(  Knock on wood mine has been healthy lately....for awhile it seemed like every month he was getting something...

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I can't wait until Tuesday! I have some follow up bloodwork done tomorrow, and based on the numbers I should be able to schedule my appointment for my first u/s!
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Bridgette, thanks for the great work! You are spot on with my dates. Have a great trip! Is you man going with you? They say trips are a good time to get their buns in the oven :)
My first U/S is on Thursday! I'm soo excited!
Hubby is getting so excited, he kinda abandoned the theory that we weren't gonna say anything yet..He found out that one of the girls he works with has the same due date as me, AND another couple, who's good friends with us, is 10 weeks, after a seriously hard battle of trying to get pregnant! He was over at our house yesterday, and I think they were both afraid to tell each other lol.
Amy, I'm sorry things aren't going too good with work :/ I left my old job during my last pregnancy and found something else, because I was working around hazardous chemicals. I know how stressful it is to have to do something like that at such a vulnerable time :/ I hope your son gets better soon. Give him hugs for us.
Dana, I know what you mean about the doppler. I've been on the fence about it, and I think it would stress me out too much too, so I don't think I'm going to get one either.
Jenn, can't wait to find out!
Teri, wow, wishing you the best of luck for a nice easy labor!
Rachael, good luck with your U/S tomorrow! Get some good pics for us to see :)
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Awesome Bridgette!!! I love that you do this list!!! And yes Im 13w and 4 0r 5ds.... No biggy though!!!
Hope you have fun! And try to RELAX!!!!!
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Bridgette-  Thanks for the new list!  I am 19 weeks and my due date is 7/31/2010.  I hope you have a great trip!

Thanks for all the nice wishes for my baby girl!  I can't wait to do some shopping :)

Rachael- I can't wait to hear about your U/S.  Good luck!
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Hi to all the moms and moms to be! Stopping in to grab up some baby dust for me and Bridgette! Hope your all doing well!
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well got back from u/s, baby messured 10weeks and 4days but it was scrunched up so she thinks i am bout 11weeks i get to go back in 2weeks (25th march) for the dating scan!!!! we saw a little heart beat beating away nice a strong and the arms and legs and the baby even moved a bit. i was so worried i was shaking when i went in there it didnt help that it took her ages to say theres the heart beat!!! i cant believe how scrunched up the baby was it just wouldnt lift its head up for the lady to get proper messurements lol but it does mean i get to have another scan now! does anyone know what the pacentage of m/c is once u have seen the babys hear beat past 10/11weeks?? oh and i will try and post some pics by wed.
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rachael-I think you are in the clear :) At 12 weeks, after hearing the heartbeat, your chances are only 1%. It might be slightly higher since your not quite 12 weeks yet, but still your pretty close! Congrats!
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Congrats! Wow, what a big relief. How exciting that you get to have another ultrasound too!
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thanks girls, thats made me feel a bit better, well we have told work people and friends and family now so it feels that much more real!
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rachaellou06 - That's exciting!  I'm glad it's starting to feel more real now!  I can't wait for my next dr apt, not sure if I'll tell work after that or not, it depends how much changes in 3 weeks.  I really want to, but if I'm still looking for a Job then I really don't want the world to know yet, but I know I'll be ready to tell people!
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Hi Ladies - so lovely to see all the new names on the list and to see the names moving up and the scans all looking so wonderful!! Congrats all round!

Sorry I have been MIA.. its been a tough few weeks - I am still on modified bedrest and throughly miserable! The doctors are concerned if I get up and start moving about my blood pressure will rocket again and as there is concern over my scar holding out if I go into labour that is a risk they dont want to take as it will be dangerous for me and baby
=( To top that the nausea and sickness are still as bad as ever and the fatigue is unreal!

On a positive note I only have 3 weeks left now and am slowly organising things in preparation for the new baby from my bed!! I still have loads to do... we haven't sorted out a crib, bedding etc but I do have my pram and carseat and have ordered a ton of baby clothes blankets nappies bibs, etc from the internet so that is coming in daily!! I need to get up and wash all baby clothes and then pack my bag as am sure the next few weeks will fly by. We still havent decided on a name but as I will have a weeks stay in hospital after the birth I am hoping that we have one before I come back home!!!

Hope everyone is doing well - Hugs to all - SSBD for Bridgette and Lori xxxxx

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Morning! Glad to see everyone is doing well. Here to make my daily pick up of SSBD for me and Bridgette! Thanks!

Rachael- YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

Deb- I was so happy to see a post from you, I was starting to worry! Sorry your still on B/R but it will be so worth it in 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's almost here! xoxo
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