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Huggies, Pampers, or Luvs?

Okay ladies, The eternal question - I will be a first time mom and have no idea on the differences in diaper brands, but I know some ladies are particular to a certain brand and I wanted to know which you preferred and why!  Thanks!
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We use Huggies.  They are perfume free.  My kids get a rash from everything else I've tried.

Pampers swaddlers were okay in the beginning, because I think they are perfume free as well, but the bigger sizes are not.

Good luck!
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We use cloth and Pampers swaddlers.  Huggies and Luvs leaked for us.  
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As a first time mom I had no idea either - we've been using what the hospital used which is Pampers.  They have newborn swaddlers at the hospital that have a yellow line down the front that turns green when they've peed.  They're awsome b/c otherwise we would have had no idea!  
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huggies. someone gave us a HUDGE box of new papmers. dominic started getting red and crynig up a storm. and my hand broke out i a rash. im scarred of pampers now. plus they seem to leak easy
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hey ladies.... my daughter is 4 now, and i remember switching brands a couple of times. its basically personal preference. what works good for me, may not work so good for you. i loved the swaddlers for a while, then they seemed to leave a lot of gooey stuff all over my daughter, so then i switched brands... i dont think any diaper i used was perfect. its basically trial and error. i know that i used the Walmart brand the longest, it was cheaper and it kept her dry and rash free.
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We were given a package of  Huggies and used them a few times - both times my son peed through it.  One time though - I pointed his little penis down and the diaper did fine.  They're newborn diapers but seem bigger than Pampers.  So we've switched back to Pampers -but have all these Huggies.  What do we do with them?

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