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After 2 Spine Surgeries - HELP READ : CT scan of Lumbar Spine w/ 3D reformmated Images

I am now 26, I was in a horrible car accident that the other person driving caused 4 yrs ago.  I have had 2 surgeries now, the most recent one in February of 2008 with an artificial disc replacement to L5/S1.  I had slight complications I've been dealing with but for the most part I have been doing ok.

Two weeks ago I took a really bad fall... and had CT Scan done and I have no idea what these results mean-

My Dr. however said he feels that it is not this, but a piece of bone that came off and fractured pieces of my L5/S1.  I dont know.  HERE IS THE RADIOLOGY REPORT:

1. Patient status post disk arthroplasty with no evidence of complication.
2. Bilateral L5 pars defects with 5 mm diastasis.

Performed on:  Siemens Sensation 16 Helical CT Scanner.  2D and 3D reformatted images

Five non-rib-baring, lumbar-type vertebral bodies are in anatomic alignment in this patent who is status post disk arthroplasty at L5-S1.  There is no evidence of hardware complication.  Specifically, there is no settling or associated fracture and no dislodgement of the hardware.  

Bilateral pars defects at noted at L5-S1 and appear to be chronic in nature.  This is a diastasis between the superior articular processes and the pars themselves of 5mm bilaterally.  The chronicity of this diastasis is unknown.

The remaining intervertebral disk spaces are normal.  The vertebral body heights are well preserved.  


I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN.... seeing my 3rd doctor on Wed.  Let me know what you think!!!  Thank you so much!!!!
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A picture tells you more than words and this link of the bones that make the spine will show what pars means.

Diastasis is just a posh word that the L5 is separating from the main body of the spine
Please keep writing
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i to have a fractered s1 and other things but the doctors dont seem to worried about that! what meds do they have you on be careful
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