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Are my car accident symptoms reason for concern?

Hi everyone.

I'm new to the forums here.

Three days ago I was in a car accident.  I was stopped at an intersection waiting at a red light.  A car was coming from the south and an SUV going north.  The SUV made an unprotected left turn onto the street I was stopped on, but cut off the car going south.  The car hit the SUV and the SUV spun and hit my vehicle, a mini-SUV.

Initially I was in shock and physically shaking.  The paramedics checked me at the scene but I didn't feel anything at the time.  Two hours later I started feeling pain.  It started off gradual but increased with time.  My neck and low back are painful.

I went to Urgent Care and told the doctor I had neck pain,  neck stiffness and low back pain.  I was diagnosed with Whiplash.  He prescribed muscle relaxers which I take at night.  I'm also taking over the counter medications several times a day for the pain.  No x-rays or imaging were taken at the time.  

Now I have never been in an accident before this and am not sure what to expect.  The day after the accident I started having bad headaches.  Now the headaches are constant and the pain is worse when my neck hurts more.  Also having intermittent tingling in my right hand and I feel tired all day.

Is what I'm describing normal for after an accident or should I be concerned?

Thank you.

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