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I fell down steps about 5yrs ago. I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and spinal injections. I have done Xray and MRI and they said that my disk didn't have much spacing in between it and also had arthritis sitting in. They sent me for more physical therapy and pain pills. I wen to a different doctor who told me my spine looks healthy but yet did spinal injections. I have been dealing with this pain for way to long in the same area. Normal activities kill me and its starting to affect my sleep. I cant stand to set cause it makes my back hurt worse.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Yes I tried those injections 2x. Both times my back seemed to hurt worse after it wore off.
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I have had a few back injuries, one from lifting something heavy at work, which my back went out immediately, and I suffered for years, I did go to a Chiropractor, a few in fact, some are good some are not, process of elimination can be a real pain in the neck, lol, no pun intended. I also had a couple car accidents, back pain was just one of many pains. I can tell you that physical therapy can really help, you would have to dedicate to 2 or 3 times a week for a few months, physical therapists  can be of great help in rehabbing you. I even went as far as to at one time getting shots in my neck and lower back because I had numbing and swelling in my arms and hands when ever I would lie down to sleep, which is a real bummer when you need to lie down to sleep, Sitting up was nearly impossible, and so I went to pain management, and got shots as last resort, it did help. My medical wasnt covering chiropractors or I would of gone there first. Yoga is great, its stretching, which is a great help, try that too. Never give up, God Bless
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After a few of those shots in your back they will no longer work at all. They can get quite expensive too (esp if they don't work).

I have suffered from back pain for 27 years since I was involved in a car accident. The older I get the more pain I endure. The worst so far has been within the past 3 years. I was seeing a Chiropractor for several years, and it helped tremendously. Anymore a Chiropractor is impossible for me.

I have been seeing a pain dr (D.O.) for the past 3 years when I found out that I have 3 herniated disks in my lower/middle back, and anything physical is VERY limited. He sent me to physical therapy which worked at the beginning, so did the injections in my back. But not anymore. This dr is pushing for me to have open back surgery, (which I REFUSE)  I have heard from many people with the same issues that the surgery did nothing for them. But I am trying EVERYTHING I can without having surgery.

Now I am trying a Eastern medicine instead. I have not tried it just yet, must wait to have blood work done first. They are going to try acupuncture and a cold laser therapy,  but will not do anything until the results to the blood work comes back. They explained that the shots only work because of the "numbing" meds they add to it, and you can become tolerant to them quickly and they will no longer help.

Unfortunately there is not much anyone can do to help!

Sorry if I am ranting
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