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Cervical surgery again and again and again and now again!

I wanted to ask if I had a fusion at C6,C7 and eleven days later an emergency surgery to remove blood clots as well as disk fragments that were left behind, could going back in cause my fusion not to fuse? This surgery was in 2006 so if it was going to fuse I'm sure it would of done so by now. I have had fusions at L5, S1 and C4,5,6. They healed fine. I am and have been in pain and numbness in arms and hands for years now, I never had any relief with my last neck surgery and now C4,5 have mild herniation, and C5,6 have root sleeve deformaties. The mylograph could not show roots sleeves because of hardware in place.
Anyway I really want to know if going back in could be why it didn't fuse this time?
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I'm so sorry your having so much pain. I had two level cervical fusion (C5-C7) in Nov 2006. I was in more pain after the surgery than I was before and I am completely fused. Have you had xrays or an MRI to see is you are fused?  I am in pain management, but the pain is still almost unbareable. I also have herniations at C3, C4 and C8. What is your surgeon saying about it?
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Thanks for your response. I sure wish a Dr. would of answered my question I asked.  

I just had a mylograph and emg, I am not fused at level C6,7. I had C4,5,6. done in 2004. They removed that plate and put one on C6,7 May 2006, I had an emergency room visit 9 days later. I was in so much pain I could not sleep or eat all I could do was cry. I have never cryed over pain before. They did an MRI that showed something wrong ( the ER Doc. said I had foriegn matter show up on the films) so It being a three day holiday weekend ( Memorial Day) my surgeon was out of town. He canceled a surgery first thing tues. so he could do mine. Anyway I still had never been free of pain and the nerves in my hands hurt really bad and seem to get worse day after day. They even aduct all by theirselves if I have used them very much. I am a Barber so turns out I need them.

Now I have a couple more herniations and C6-7 did not fuse. Also spondylotic ridging that indents subachnoid space, foramina stenosis, mild central stenosis on C3-7. too much to write on each one.
EMG test show nerve problems also relate to neck at known level that we had predicted, I think im really a mess. she also said that the test show nerve problems at level C8 but the MRI does not,  And I was accidentally knocked down flat on my back with my feet above my head touching the ground and landed on by a guy that wieghs abot 300 lbs. antway not good... when they did the mylograph they found a moderate sized right posterolateral T11-12 disk protussion.. DAMN!!!!!

Now that I did the lat test today I go back to the surgeon Wednesday, Hmmm I wonder what he will say.
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