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Chronic Back Pain - Help Please

I have had two failed back surgeries. I suffer daily with unbearable chronic pain. This has had a huge impact on every aspect of my life. I have worked my entire life until October of 2008 when I finally had to accept the fact that I no longer had the ability to suffer through the work day. I have seen several physicians over the years and I feel like I have tried everything possible to fix this. I have had several different procedures trying to prevent the surgery and as of February 2009, I finally accepted that this was my only remaining option. Less than 30 days post surgery, the bone graphing ruptured from the February fusion (rods & screws) and I had a second corrective surgery in March 2009. The pain is worse now than prior to the first surgery. I am at a loss for words. I don't know what to do or where to turn next. Is there life after so many failed back procedures and surgeries. The pain is unbearable. Is there anyone out there with any suggestions? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely!
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hi and I am so sorry for your pain...I've never had surgery on my back , nor would I ...so I cann't really comment on your questions.
I wil however urge you to go to another forum where many have had back surgeries and under pain management, you will get more reponse in that forum.


best of luck
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I also had a failed back surgery and know how painful it can be. What have you tried since your surgery? Have you had the steroid injections? There is also physical therapy, tens units, acupuncture, and exercise (if possible). What kind of pain are you experiencing? What level of the back did you have the surgery and what led to the surgery? Are you currently going to a pain management clinic? If not, I would make your doctor refer you to one as they are more experienced in dealing with these issues. Mine started from a herniated disc and I now have other issues going on. I posted my problems on here in a different post so if you read it maybe you can relate. I'm also looking for answers so if you have any advice for me I would also appreciate it!
I'm still working on a magic wand to fix my back and if I get it working I'll let you know!!!
So sorry you are dealing with so much pain and hope you can find a way to get some relief.
Best of luck.
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