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Future Spinal Risks?

To start off with, I am a 19 year old female and was diagnosed with a 25 degree scoliosis in the lumber regen of my spine.
I had been to the doctor with lower back pain that was progressivly getting worse, so I got an X-ray that showed the scoliosis.

So my question is, without treatment, will it get worse? Am I at risk of it progressing into arthritis or even just a larger curve?

Please just help me out, I don't really know much about it.
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Yes, scoliosis can cause degenerative disc disease and lumbar spondylosis over time.

However, I imagine much of the pain you experience now is due to muscle tension. I too have a lumbar scoliosis that causes chronic muscle spasm to the large muscles of my lower back, and the large psoas muscle that lies in the middle of the abdomen and allows us to bend forward.

Physical therapy can help you learn how to stretch and release these muscles. Annual visits to a spine specialist can help you keep an eye on those discs and joints.

Best wishes.
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Thanks for your answer. Just to clarify, there is a risk that things could happen. Is that risk quite big?

I have had physio but it really didn't help much.
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Well, you'd have to ask a spine specialist for a measure of risk.

In my (too often not humble) opinion, I would say, yes, there is considerable risk, which is why I suggest regular diagnostic tests, especially regarding the condition of your discs and facet joints in the affected area.

But what do I know?

Best wishes :#)
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Okay, thank you very much for your answer. Well this has been very informative, now time to go to a spine specialist.

Thanks Again. :)
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