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Head & Neck ruining my life

I have been suffering for a couple of years now chronic back-of-the-head headaches and neck tension.  I have had advice to treat it as psychological problems and stress.  So I have done so... and am on anxiety medicines.  I feel fine mentally.  But the pain is still there day after day.  I went to a general doctor and he said that he did see quite a lot of inflammation that might be arthritis (I'm 38) and recommended that I get an MRI.  He said that it was not a mental issue.  Haven't been able to do that yet because of the cost. :(  
I do have a history with my neck.  I've  injured my neck twice in my life time so bad that I couldn't move it and it made me very ill.  I was even surprised, that when I had an x-ray (back then), that it wasn't broken!!!  That's just how much it hurt me (worse than my C-sections!).  I also have been told I have Scoliosis.  Though I don't think it is super bad case.  My work does require some pretty heavy lifting sometimes.
The pain seems to really be where my spine meets my skull and radiates downward. Constant pressure.  Sometimes messages help, sometimes nothing helps.  Only strong pain killers work & muscle relaxers.  Not fond of taking that stuff though.  Just don't want to be in pain any longer. Will do anything.
Does anybody know what kind of doctor I should see to help me.  Neurologist? Orthopedic?
And does anybody know what I'm possible dealing with? Thanks
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I would suggest going into see an Orthopedic Dr or surgeon.  I fell nearly 2 years ago and broke my eye socket and nasal cavity.  The doctors at the time were so worried about my face that they paid no attention to my neck and/or arm.  For the next nearly 2 years, I have had issues with my arm/neck with severe pain radiating from the base of my spinal column down into my shoulder and arm.  Sometimes it would radiate upwards but mostly into my shoulder and arm.  I went into see an Ortho dr who injected cortisone into my shoulder and for the next week, I had severe pain in my neck.  When I went back in for a re-check, I asked him about the pain getting worse and moving into my neck and he referred me to a Psyiatrist (not sure if that is how you spell it sorry), this Dr did another MRI (at this point, I had had 7 done) and that MRI detected that I have a herniated disc in my neck C5/C6....I went through all of the tests that were recommended such as Cervical Epidural, Cervical Facet Joint Injections and a Discogram....when the first 2 did nothing to help besides raise my medical bill beyond reason, the discogram was suggested to make sure that it was "for sure" the one disc...it has now been determined that the C5/C6 is definately the issue so on Tuesday the 27th, I undergo Cervical Fusion Surgery!!  I am scared to death but so ready to live without the aide of pain relievers and muscle relaxers!!  I really hope all of this has helped you to some extent and that you will find relief quicker than I did!!  Take care and keep in touch!!

Rose Bair
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I would give acupuncture a try. I have had success with a combination of massage and acupuncture.  Often you can find a practicioner that will work on a sliding scale.
Also, if you have isurance.  Physical therapy is a good idea.
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