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Herniated Disc of L4 L5

well i had straightening of the lower back which probably lead to a herniated disc of l4 l5 n mild bulge of l5 l6, 6 months ago  n i recently underwent epidural injections, followed by mecobalamin , methylcobalamin , n pain killers etc ... now im out , n lately i have noticed some probelems..
1. If i sit cross legged on a chair, i hav these tingling sensations in my feet n sole (pins n needles)
this used to happen earlier also, why is it not disappearing even after the epidurals?
2. i hav to attend lectures in college for apprx 8 hrs,sitting for so long with a stiff back makes me feel tired n loosening the back causes it start aching.... how do i cope up with this?
3. what exercises and postures should i adopt while i do daily chores... esp walking, sitting ,bending etc?
4.how much relief can i get if i do yoga at home, i hav already started but in the long term sense?
5. to what extent should i avoid physical activity... can i run, play soccer or cricket... if not then for how long should i avoid them?
6. due to the nerve compression my legs look a bit weak, thin as a matter of fact. wat do i do if i want stronger legs,but without compressing the disc again
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I have a small bulge at L4-5 and a large one at L5-S1.  

1.  I don't know, I don't get that.  My little toes go numb...

2.  sitting is the worst position for our backs.  I would see an OT to get some modalities to help you cope.  They sell half-balls that you could sit on.  You could use a TENS machine.  I would make sure to get up and move around as much as possible.  Sitting up puts a lot of pressure on our disks.

3.  I bought a gopher (a long stick that picks stuff up off the floor) so that I can reduce bending down.  My dad is going to put my dryer on a 2 ft. platform so that I don't have to dig laundry out.  Our local PT health center offers classes about correct body mechanics.  

4.  I LOVE yoga.  Be careful though, twisting and bending are very, very harmful.  Down Dog is not a disk-friendly motion.  I would get a private session with a really good instructor that knows about back problems.

5.  Ask your doc or PT.  I was told I will never run again.

6.  again, you need a PT for that
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thanks a lot... i will see to it... in the meanwhile i also searched the net.... learned a few more things.and also started a yoga class now! i hope i will be doing better... im doing sciatica exercises n they seem to help ... i think being positive is the key... im hopeful that this will for sure stop... thanks a lot once again much needed help was provided by you. i will consult my doc in my next session.
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