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How to heal a severe neck injury?

I have Whiplash,cervical sprain,pinched nerve,and one disk in my neck is going one way,another the opposite way.It was caused from standing on the top of a kitchen chair.My son was sitting on the chair and got up,I fell.I have 20 plus finches,there up very high.Two of the baby birds fell out of their nest,one didn't make it,the other one did,I put it in its nest,but fell.My head hit the fridge on the way down.It also caused 3 bulging disks in my back,shoulder pain also.Every morning I wake up in agony.I'm taking Percoset,was taking Norco,also Soma.I wake up several times hurting in the middle of the night.My Mom rescently passed away.I wasn't eating much.I am eating alot now and take Flaxseed oil,Omega 3's,egg powder,and a great multi-vitamin with probiotics.I drink Green goodness,8 servings of fruits and vege's.Depression and weight loss,not eating much,I believe is part of the reason I'm not better.Lately my neck is inflammed and feverish,the last 4 days.I tried massage and was seeing a chiropractor.The chiro caused me alot of pain for a couple of days after adjustments.I have also been doing physical therapy on the Wi fit. Have been alternating with Ice and warm washcloth also and lay on the floor for some relief.I'm in severe pain,have a 6 year old thats home for the summer,so I need to get better A.S.A.P,so we can start having fun.Any advice would be much appreciated.God Bless.Jen
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Hi...if u know that whiplash is the only issue along with ur disks...u may have been seeing the wrong chiro....

I had whiplash yrs ago and tried several chiros and did not progress and had ore pain....then I had someone suggest I try their dr and it made the difference.

Ask around for a chiro that others have had great results with....and get to another one soon...

Be careful with the meds and check for ne interactions using the new med ID feature....u can have interactions with natural  suppliments.

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Hi Selma I read somewhere on the net that chiros can fix up the spine ? what did your doc say back then ?
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I was thinking you may want to try a soft collar if you have not already. It will give your neck some support and help with the muscles in your shoulders. They will tighten up to protect the injured area. You do not have to wear it all the time but for short periods here and there it may help. Before i had my collar I used to roll up a bath towel and wrap it loosely my neck around to help give my shoulders a rest and keep my head supported. I also used to use it at night to keep my head from rolling to the side.
Try not to overdo the PT. It will only make it worse. Go slowly and do not push your neck to hard. It needs time to heal. Another thing to to watch is your posture and try to keep your head in a good position. Not forward. Many people do not even realize that their head is pushed out to far. Try to think of where your head is especially if you are hurting.
Good luck.
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