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I have no idea why i feel the way i do.

  Im 15 years old, and rarley visit the doctor, lately i have felt sick, sore, and tired 24-7. I have also noticed a change in my emotions. Its starting to scare me a bit. But with the depression arising, I dont have the money to go to the doctor. My main symptons would include, back and neck pain, leg cramps, soreness, tired all the time, sick feeling, and emotional, or very upset. Does anyone know why i feel the way i do? Cause i dont?
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do u have stress in your life? it sounds like you have signs of stress.. all those symptoms could be from stress.. i used to get headaches every single day from stress for 3 months straight. and the back and neck pain u have could be from that too.. u should go to the doc. you are 15 u are gaurenteed insurance till you are 18.. some kind. tell them your symptoms and they will run tests on you. just a thought. and you might be depressed. depression can cause all of that too.. and all this will eventually lead to anxiety and panic disorder. which is what i have and it *****.
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Hi...it is common for teens to have these types of feelings and I stongly suggest u speak to ur parents about them.Grades...college....jobs....ect all can add stress and a teenage girl getsa monthly that also adds to these feelings.

And could be responsible for the other issues....tingling , nubness can be from low levels of vitamins and minerals...and u should be under ur parents insurance plan until age 18 or 23 if in college full time....if ur parents do not have insurance ask ur mom to check with ur state....many have programs in place to help kids get medical care.

Talk to ur parents

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