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I must be an idiot....

I didn't realize the only way you can get advice from a doctor on this site is of course for $$$$.  I've already paid out my butt to doctors just tell me that they don't know.  I even lost it on one so called doctor a few weeks ago and told her I could stay home and keep my money and say I don't know what is causing my problem.  

I thought yesterday when I found this site I might actually get some insight into my problem and just maybe something that could be done, certain questions I could ask to get these doctors around here to do something other than just take my money.  I'm am so tired and feel hopeless!!!!!!!!

Out of the blue my lower back and waste locks up while at work.  And for the past two years I have suffered with lower back pain and I lock up when sitting, standing, or walking.  Also have blurred vision, headaches, severe muscle spasms all over, burning, numbness in feet, fatigue, tremors, nausea, urinating difficulty, dizziness, and memory problems.  

Had an MRI done showed mild bulging disk on L3-L5 and S1 with faucets.  I have begged for test to be done and nobody will HELP.  I'm either told they don't know or it's chronic and it's just going to get worse. I can't even get them to draw blood or do a urinalysis test.  Go figure.

Prior to all this, I was very active and in good condition.  A few weeks before my back locked up, I was having severe pain in my calves with muscle spasm.  Like growing pains when your a child.  Felt like my bones were going to shatter.  

Is there anything I can do and what else could cause all the above besides mild bulging disk and arthritis?
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Well, if you want to pay me for this advice, go right ahead...

Don't have an answer for you, but I do have a couple of suggestions -- first, have you seen an interventional pain doctor specializing in the spine? Your "locking up" complaint sounds like facet disease to me, which doesn't require surgery to treat.

If you feel that you have a systemic problem, then go have a complete physical. Tell your doc what you've been experiencing, and they will make the appropriate exam and run the blood tests.

But leave the sarcasm at home if you want to be taken seriously. I realize that your frustrated, but that's no license to be abusive to those who are trying to help. I find that a mixture of humility and gratitude go a long way towards getting me the treatments I need.

Good luck.
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First of all I wasn't being sarcastic, just truthful about my feelings and experience. Glad to see you have a sense of humor. I have always been one of the most humble person there is but after two years, it does get old and feels very hopeless.  And if you really know anything about pain it will make the most kindness sweetest person you know do and say things that they otherwise would not.  So please have some compassion for someone who has been at home in the bed for 2 years.

Thanks for your advice I do appreciate it very much.  I have been to MD who had no clue, done 4 months of PT with no avail, went to a Neurologist who spent less than 5 mins in the room with me and didn't examine me either and said there was nothing wrong with me, and now I'm setup to see an Orthopedic next month.  

They have all refused to do any type of test than the MRI that was done. I have begged for test to be done and the worst part is the MD has known me for years and knows I have never had anything happen to me to even require a yearly visit in over 10 years prior to this.  I felt sorry for her because she did try her best to help but these others have just recently made me angry. I can't do nothing, even on a few attempts of riding in the car to town (12 miles) with my husband puts me in tears and causes me to lock up and God help me when I do have to go to the Doctor.

I know that there are good Doctors, I just haven't found the one yet but most have lost the reason for why their in the business and many today either don't care, assume everybody is a drug addict, or have too much of a "god complex".
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As to Pain Management, since I lost my insurance they say I can't be referred without it.  They will not see you unless you have insurance.  
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