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I need surgery, no insurance.

My name is Caleb, Ive been married for 7 years and I am 24 years of age. I'm in incredible pain all the time from 3 herniated discs and a bulging L4 and L5. I also have a narrowing of the spine and a bone spur in my nerves according to an MRI in October.

I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy. I'm on Morphine, Perks, and Flexoral (which does nothing) and every surgeon has told me I should be in shock from the pain, yet every surgeon has denied me because of lack of insurance. I am in so much pain and cannot live like this anymore. I just want relief,  no matter what the circumstances. I've tried vocational rehab, medicare, and various charity groups in my area. Im on drugs all the time, I cant think properly, I dont know what to do.
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if you need surgery check with the hospital.theres a program called community care which is funded through programs of the hospital,it payed for my first back surgery.
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Hi Caleb,
me too 24 years of age .............the problem which u told about I am also suffering from it for the last 7 months , I have had severe pain in my left leg and the exact location of pain was not known and I had difficulties in walking after a long sitting and for few seconds I felt numbness in my left leg while walking but after that the pain lessens and the most pain was when I woke up in the morning it was like pinching pain all over the leg........
In my case I have my L5-S1 disc herniation causing compression of S1 nerves and my L4-5 disc annular bulged out .
I went to many doctors all of them were saying for the surgery.

But now for the last two months the pain is gone without any surgery , i have done it through regular back exercises in 4-5 months .....advised by a doctor under whom I have revived alot.

So i just say u that ur age is not for surgery you can alleviate it by exercise , but that too takes months but be patienct and I suggest please dont go for surgery first consult a doctor who can alleviate pain by giving medicine and start ur exercises then.

I also once lost my all hopes and was making my mind as surgery the last option ,but I assure u no surgery is required if your case resembles as mine.

I can tell u also about which exercises can help  , if u will reply to this one.
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For the record, I was denied any charity or anything like that at my county hospital.

Like I said I wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy, but I am glad someone else has had something similar if not just for support and help.

"I have had severe pain in my left leg and the exact location of pain was not known and I had difficulties in walking after a long sitting and for few seconds I felt numbness in my left leg while walking but after that the pain lessens and the most pain was when I woke up in the morning it was like pinching pain all over the leg."

I dont want to compare pain and whatnot, but I forgot to add what kind of pain im in, and this is almost exactly what was happening to me,only instead of numbness it was incredible pain shooting down my back, left buttocks, and my whole leg right down to the ankle. Sometimes my left foot feels like itll fall off, and I cant sit or stand for longer than a literal minute. Anyways, Ive had terrible muscle  dystrophy in my bad leg so I cant put any support on it, and all the neurosurgeons ive talked to said the fluid in my disc popped and ran down my spine causing a narrowing which will not release my sciatic nerve by itself. Still Im real interested in what you have to say and Im really thankful for the replies. Thank you.

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I did a Google search on needing surgery while not having insurance and having no financial means to pay for it and saw your post, but it has been almost 2 years since you wrote it.  Did you ever get your surgery?  How are you?  

I am in a very similar situation. I live near Atlanta and have been to the emergency room twice, once by ambulance (as I passed out from the pain, fell, and was unconscious when I was taken in).  They only gave me a prescription and sent me home -- although they did take an x-ray that indicated there *could* be a disc issue and "possible spinal disease," but they said I needed an MRI to accurately and definitively make a diagnosis -- but they won't give an MRI to a patient who has no means to pay for it.  

This certainly isn't the country I thought it was.  I always heard that the very poor always get the medical care they need, because the hospitals write off the cost (and, supposedly, that was why medical costs are so high); and the rich always get the medical care they need because they can afford it; but that it was those in the middle who were really suffering due to procedures and medications their insurance companies refused to pay for and high deductibles or other costs. But, since I lost my income and all my resources, I have found out how that assessment of the health care crisis is only two-thirds true. The rich definitely DO get all the care they need and the middle class are definitely suffering with the majority of bankruptcies resulting from medical expenses incurred by people WITH insurance, but the poor definitely do NOT get anywhere near even basic, let alone adequate, health care.  I haven't been able to find out how to get any help from the "charity programs" I've heard about.  It is so difficult to find out any information on them, even on the internet.  I have called the county health department and they only refer me to another clinic that won't do anything.

I've been unemployed for three years.  I had a successful career for over 15 years and then took some time off to go to graduate school in 2005.  When I got out in 2008, there were no jobs and I haven't been able to find one since.  I went through all my savings just trying to survive.  Now I've injured my back.  I was trying to hang in there until January 2014, when the Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect, but I just found out that it won't help me at all -- because I don't make ENOUGH  money!  Georgia is one of the states that opted out of expanding Medicare, so those who are under 65 without an income of at least $1,400/month can't get any help whatsoever.  

I don't know what to do now.  I couldn't work now even if I had a job.  Like you, I can't sit at all or stand for more than a minute.  I can only lay flat on my back.  I can't take this much longer.  I don't know what I can do.  I do so hope you found a way out of your nightmare.
The United States is - in many aspects - a disgustingly inhumane country. I can’t imagine a more awful scenario than needing medical help and/or surgery and not be able to receive it. Health care is a f*cking right, not a privilege!
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