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Iowa back pain

I moved from Mississippi to Iowa, a few years ago. I had invested in a house which sold. My wife wanted to move from that god forsaken place we were not treated well because we came from up north. It was scary for us. Well we moved to Iowa, people are friendly enough but the medical for back injuries is  terribly bad. The doctors I've seen have reject to send me to a back specialist when I ask to see one, when I know that I have a impinged nerve, stenosis in the spine which is getting worse to the point its hard to walk without pain. Every back doctor wants a referral which my primary won't give even when the pain clinic I see said I should   get a new MRI . They won't send for my record from the other doctors in Minneapolis, and Jackson Mississippi which confirms what I'm telling them. Any suggestions what I could do? I will leave Iowa when I can afford to.   IN Pain
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Can you change your primary care physician to someone who will listen to you and trust your request to see a spinal specialist?
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