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Just visited the doctor today.

Because of a car accident for when I was younger I have always had back problems for obvious reasons. I haven't been to a back/neck/chiropractor in years so I finally decided to visit one due to increase in back and neck pain that sometimes become unbearable. They took xrays of my back and neck two days ago which we reviewed today. While i have great bones, the natural curve that my neck is no longer there which they say is one of my main source of my neck/upper shoulder and back pain. The other issue is my sacrum is more or less jammed with the last two vertebra's. In addition... to that, we found that one of my ilium is larger than the other. Put all of that together and it explains the other issues and pains (mainly left knee) that I have been experiencing for years.

That being said... it bring me to my other concern. I was talking to my mother about what is going on and she started saying about how she's really concerned. She's heard that things like that encourages miscarages, inablility for the egg to attack right or just issues in pregnancy overall. I just want to know as to how true this really is.

Either October or November of 2011, my fiance and I started to try and get pregnant and have been unsuccessful. The first time we tried my period was so severely painful, the second time it was painful but not as much as the first. nothing like I've experienced before. For a long time I've been always wondered if it was possible to miscarry (if that is what it is considered at that point) at or around week 4 or 5? If so, can these be connected??

Sorry for this being so long but I really need answers. I don't have time or money for doctor visits beside this one that I have already committed to because of this pain. I've tired looking up information on it with no luck.

Thank you in advanced for any information you can provide me with.
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Hi there!

Well, pelvic structural problems could lead to pregnancy complications, but these are typically associated during later pregnancy. The risk of complications depends on the severity of the issue. Chances of conception remain unaffected, unless there as associated gynaecological issues.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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I Know this is way late but thank you!!!
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try to find a free clinic - planned parenthood  maybe
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