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L4-5 Bulging, which style brace?

I  am  a  42  no  kids hard working  person,  I  was  sewing  off  and  on  last  couple  years  so  because  of  maybe  banding  also  I  have  a  bad  posture,  I  don't  stay  straight, always  people  warn  me,  so  this  year  january  problem  started, I  had  a  swollen  back  mussels  even  my  ankles, thought  I  am  a  flue  first  but  I  had  a  strong  pain  on  my  ribs  and finally  I  asked  to  dr  MRI scan  and  it  showed  bulging  disk  L4-5 ,  DDD, and  narrowing  canal.. 2  months  later  I  had  a radio frequancy ablation, dr  told  me  50-80 percent  chance  to  be  healing,  I  was  not  lucky  and  problem  continued. It  has  been  4  months  and  I  just  started  my  seasonal job  and  it  requires  standing  all  day,  I am  suffering  from  pain, when  I  seat  or lie  I  don't  have  any  pain  and  after  15  min  standing  pain  starts  and increase. I  am  waiting  my  insurance  renew and  don't  know  what  I  should  do.  I  am  not  fat  but  I  gained 15lb  during  the  winter.  Loosing  wait  how  much  helps? I  am  a  person with thin waste, I war  to  buy  back  brace  but  I  see  so  many  different  ones  on  the  internet,  any  suggestion  which  style  I should buy? give  yourself    self  hug  and  summer  coming,  try  to get benefit  from  sun  light,  i  heard  it  helps  to  healing.  I  will  go  beach  and  open  my  back  to  sun.  wish  you  best  summer  to  all people  here  sharing  stories.love..
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As your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist.  He/she will give you specific exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around your spine and will also show you the correct way to sit and stand, etc.

Apply a heat pack or a hot water bottle and if it feels worse, then apply a cold pack.  

Have a bath as hot as is comfortable and put in 2-3 cups of Epsom Salts into the water and relax in that.

Make an appointment to see your doctor.  He will be able to prescribe a muscle relaxant for any acute spasms and also pain medications to help ease the discomfort of the pain.

Don't carry any heavy things and be careful when you pick anything up off the floor.  Don't twist your back, but bend your knees and keep your back straight.

You should tell your employer that you have a back problem so that they will allow you to sit as well as stand and move about.  
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