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Mid to lower back

Good morning,for the past 4 months I have had problems in my mid to lower back,I have problems sleeping in bed makes symptoms are at it"s worste there sleeping in recliner is  the only way to get any sleep, I have had an orthapedic do MRI,X rays MRI came back negative,but on report it said I had slight bulge in L5-S1 and slight arthritus in the areas,orthapedic prescibed lyrica which helps some and hydrocodone as well which helps the most.He recomended Pain Manage doctor,I have had steroid block in lower back areas,but I still have pain,do you have any suggestions to what else could be causing these problems?Please help
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No idea.

Referred pain from lumbar disc disease can appear centered in the mid-back, but not likely without long-time severe low back pain as you report your condition.

I'd guess this is probably muscular pain, due to a sagging mattress, poor sleeping posture, and weakness in your abdominal core muscles. Perhaps, like most of us, you are carrying some extra weight around your middle?

All of these factors can contribute to a sore back in the morning. Try some stretching exercises upon rising to work out the soreness. Generally, pills do not alleviate this kind of pain.

Learn to strengthen your "core" muscles. A PT can train, or you can easily find exercises on the internet. Search for "core strengthening"

Best wishes.

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I have had several procedures done on my lower spine and 3 months ago I had 3 nerves "burnt" but i am in as much pain now as before. I am also having pain on my left side now which has never really been a problem. I'm about to see my doctor and hoping he will be able to help me :(
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