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Neck pain

A few days ago I yawned, and had this extreme pain in my upper neck, right below my chin. I have experienced this pain before, but not like this. After the yawn occurred, I experienced massive head pain. The pain did not stop, and has continued threw the week. And I also have experienced the neck pain every so often. But now, after over talking/volunteering, I'm experiencing the pain non stop, And my head hurts quite a lot. Also when I lay my head down I can feel a very hard beat in my head. I feel the pain also moves to my teeth, and even down my chest. I'm very worried to what this might be. In addition, I panic when I get unfirmiliar pain, so I'm over worrying, thinking I might die. Would like suggestions, or even if you have experienced something like this before even?
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Therese, sometimes a very large yawn can pop the mandible (jaw bone) out of its joint socket, stressing neighboring tendons and the ligaments that hold the mandible in place. Some people report hearing a loud 'pop' when this happens.This is called "hyperextension" of the mandibular joint, and can be very painful.

There are also large nerves that enter the mandible near this joint, and pass through the large masseter muscle used for chewing. They can be disturbed or "pinched" is why the pain from hyperextension of the mandibular joint can radiate into the head, face, and neck, and can last for days.

Of course, I'm only guessing based on a knowledge of anatomy. Without making an proper medical examination, anything offered online is for your information only, and is never to be construed as medical advice. If you are concerned, or if pain continues, please go see your doctor.
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Sorry but I was not clear in my last post.

I don't mean to imply that you dislocated your jaw when I say "you can pop the bone of the joint socket." That's not what I meant.

No doubt, if you can still talk without severe pain, the mandible is still in place. I'm not sure if it is even possible to "pop the bone out of the socket", but the hyperextension of the mandibular joint does stress the joint and can be quite painful.

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Well, you can dislocate your TMJ (lockjaw). I know that's not your problem. I have read somewhere that the pain comes from a "Charlie Horse" under the tongue. I will have to research this one. Best wishes, jd1963!
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